Kunsthaus view onto the  auf Franziskanerkirche, Graz | © Steiermark Tourismus | Harry Schiffer

Graz: Culture Capital & UNESCO City of Design

Want to go on city tours, attend festivals and go on cultural journeys? Our tip: the trendy city of Graz is proud to boast two titles. Since 2003, Graz has been a Cultural Capital of Europe and since 2011 also a UNESCO City of Design. Cultural offers, an abundance of ideas, object design and architecture are easy to find here - they are everywhere! Graz is an ideal city for everyone who loves creativity.

The title of capital of culture is awarded by the European Union. The aim is to show the diversity of the cultural heritage and to highlight commonalities. Graz offers diversity through a wealth of contemporary festivals, but also historic features, such as flowering courtyards and harmonious squares in the old town. With its outstanding rooftop landscape, the Graz old town contributes to the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site, which includes the Eggenberg Palace. Futuristic architecture, such as the Graz Art Museum or the Murinsel, blend harmoniously with the medieval houses and together show that Graz is a capital of culture, with all its heart.

Lena Hoschek in the region Gesäuse | © Lena Hoschek | Lupi Spuma

Lena Hoschek

International fashion designer from Graz
Opulent patterns, high-quality fabrics and an eye for every detail, that's how you can describe the work of the internationally celebrated fashion designer. She is very connected with her home of Styria. Learn more about Lena Hoschek and her favourite places in the Green Heart of Austria.