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Not just the delicious, fresh carnival doughnuts usher in the carnival season: Throughout carnival there is an abundance of special customs, such as the "carnival race" or the roving around of "Flinserl" and "Pless". Or did you know, for example, that there are "Trommelweiber" who send away winter in Ausseerland with their drums?

Styria offers many surprises during the carnival season. Old customs and modern processions bring a diversity of colour to the subsiding winter season. The so-called log pull, a fertility custom during carnival, refers to the log, a tree trunk, which today is usually pulled through the village by a tractor. Often the custom occurs in combination with a regional brass band that provides a good mood and adds to the celebration.

Not to be missed with the carnival activity is the popular carnival race: the carnival race on Monday is one of the oldest customs in the region of Murau. The Schellfaschingsgruppe and the Rossgruppe move out to dance a circular dance in the village square and then run from farm to farm. Masked figures move from house to house in the endurance run, the path sweeper running along with them. The first is always the so-called chicken grabber [Hühnergreifer], wrapped in feathers with a mask of feathers, who is looking for gifts. His figure is very conspicuous due to the decorative feathers. He is given oats and eggs as gifts – and if you forget, well, the chicken grabber will take the eggs out of the barn. The run ends by about 7:00 pm and the path sweeper can swing the broom one more time and do the Kranzl (a typical folk dance).