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Advent and Christmas

Reflective and harmonious: the Advent season in Styria makes the heart beat faster. It's all about winter fairy tales, artistic Advent wreaths, musical Advent events or customary festivals with appetising baked Christmas goodies.

Advent arrives with the four Sundays before Christmas and at the same time the preparation for the Christmas season begins. An important part of this period is the colourful Advent wreath, which is supposed to shorten the wait for the holidays. In Styria, the traditional Advent wreath is homemade. The family crafts and ties it themselves. If you are short on skill, you can make it easy on yourself, because there are many colourful Advent wreaths from the region available for purchase at the farmers markets. Decorated in all versions and chic, this custom provides plenty of pre-Christmas magic in Styrian farms and homes.

During the Advent season, you meet good-natured figures such as St. Nicolas on December 05, who gives children gifts and praises their deeds, or even a little rebuke. St. Nicolas often is accompanied by the scary figure of a krampus. In many places, there are krampus processions where onlookers and the grave can admire the dark figures or even accompany them. You should take care of your legs during these processions, because many of the krampus have rods with them and make use of them from time to time.