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Folk Music in Styria

Styrians are some of the most singing and music-friendly inhabitants of the Alps. This is attested to by the countless treasures of folk songs and tunes that have been recorded since the time of Archduke John by famous folk artists and collectors (Viktor Zack, Viktor von Geramb and many more).

The most frequently performed instruments in the 21st century are the diatonic accordion (also called the "Styrian", the "squeezer", the "harmony" or in Ausseerland the "Rumpl"), the clarinet, the trombone, the violin, the viola, the double bass, the trumpet, the flugelhorn, the tenor horn, the zither, the dulcimer and the guitar.

The polyphonic treasure trove in Styria includes the love song and the yodeller as well as popular ballads, alpine songs, working and handicraft songs, lullabies, Christmas carols as well as joking, satirical and drinking songs.


State Chronicle of Styria, Franz Steiner