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Farmers' Markets in the City & Country

If you are looking for Styrian products at their finest, you will find these at the farmer's markets: the markets in the city and country are long-standing and popular among all Styrians to this day. When Styrians want to have fresh products during the week or at the weekend, they grab a basket and cycle to the nearest farmers' market.

Whether in the capital city or in the middle of the regions and villages, it's a pleasure to shop at the farmers' markets with a little chatting here and there. A recommendation for city tours: the market at Kaiser-Josef-Platz in Graz is a particularly popular farmers' market. It is open almost daily and is the largest and oldest farmers' market in Graz. Abundant icing-coated or spicy-savoury delicacies line up next to creative flower arrangements and other regional products here. In addition to this farmers' market, many other markets in the Green Heart of Austria sweeten the day. From the Schladming farmers' market in the north to the Leibnitz farmers' market in the south, Styria is proud of its fresh regional treats.

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Local high-quality products as well as homemade delicacies can be purchased at the farmers' markets in Ausseerland-Salzkammergut, such as at the famers' market in the spa town of Bad Aussee. In addition to delicious rye donuts with Steirerkas [Styrian cheese], schnapps and liqueurs, farmers' bread and free-range eggs, felt wool and loden goods are also offered.


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Xeiswildgenuss aus dem Gesäuse | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm


Fruits and vegetables of the season, delicious honey or perhaps something spicy for a snack? The farmers around the Gesäuse provide high-quality products at the farmers' markets in the region. The township of Liezen, for example, awaits you with countless regional delicacies.

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Graz & the Graz Region

At the farmers' markets right in the capital city, many farms around Graz offer everything that belongs to a hearty Styrian snack, from delicious fruit juices to the typical farmer's bread. The farmers' market at Kaiser-Josef-Platz is open almost daily.


Graz farmers' markets

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Upper Styria

There is an increasing demand for healthy, sustainably produced and local products in Upper Styria. The farmers in the region are excited about their well-visited farmers' markets. Depending on the town, they take place on various days, including for example in Kapfenberg and Mürzzuschlag.


Kapfenberg farmer's market

Mürzzuschlag farmers' market

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Regional delicacies from Eastern Styria | © Steiermark Tourismus | Elisabeth Taibinger

Eastern Styria

Eastern Styria has many other regional delicacies to offer in addition to the Styrian apple and the runner bean. Fresh, high-quality products can be regularly purchased from local farmers at the numerous farmers' markets in the region. Simply delicious - and many meals can be refined with the runner beans.

Eastern Styrian farmers' markets

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The farmers of the Schladming-Dachstein region regularly offer homemade products and regional delicacies at the local farmers' markets. The products from apples to goat's cheese leave nothing to be desired at the Schladming or Ramsau farmers' markets.


Schladming farmers' market

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Southern & Western Styria

Farmers from the most varied locations in the southern and western regions of Styria provide delicacies directly from their own production. In addition to fruits and vegetables from local farmers and fields, fish specialities are also offered, for example in Deutschlandsberg, and organic markets are also organised.


Deutschlandsberg farmers' market

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Thermal Springs Country Styria

It is not just the taste of farmer's butter that is so special, but in particular the impression of flowers that it gets from its wooden form. It's a delight for the palate on crisp coarse rye bread. This and many other regional products can be purchased at the farmers' markets in the middle of thermal springs country, such as in Feldbach or at the Vulkanland market in Bad Gleichenberg.

Feldbach farmers' market

Vulkanland market in Bad Gleichenberg

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Holiday Region of Murtal

Why shop anywhere else when the goods are so close to you? Fresh, high-quality homemade products can be purchased straight from the farmers' markets in the region of Murtal. Eggs from happy chickens or crisp fruit and vegetables, this and much more can be found at the farmers' markets in Knittelfeld and the markets around Murau.


Knittelfeld farmers' market

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