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Traditional and Modern Costumes: Dirndl, etc.

A beautiful selection and a wide assortment: local traditional costume reflects the traditions and roots of Styria, with patterns, colours and fabrics that differ from each other. Creative and modern costume fashion also impresses today with innovative cuts and materials.

Traditional costume is clearly in fashion. At the start of the 21st century, a keen interest in authentic traditional costume was revived. If you prefer your dirndl or Styrian suit to be classic, you will find various options, fabrics and cuts according to traditional standards in the city and country. Traditional costume with a contemporary interpretation can also be found these days in the culture and design capital of Graz for all fashion aficionados.

Lake Altausseer See in the summer (Ausseerland - Salzkammergut) | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm


In Ausseerland, the dirndl in everyday traditional costume shows its best side with a green body, pink and red-white Kittl and a purple-white apron. In Altaussee and Bad Aussee, anyone who likes to rummage through colourful fabrics will find a wonderful selection to choose from. It is a wonderful trip to discover the most beautiful fabrics. A desire for (reading) material: there are even dirndl fabrics to choose from in the literature museum in Altaussee.


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In blue and green like the landscape and the waters, that's how the National Park Gesäuse presents everyday traditional costume in strong aqua and natural tones. Traditional costume is the dress code, for example, every year at the traditional Dirndl Ball at Castle Röthelstein. Something special: the Admont everyday traditional costume is shown with a "Froschgoscherl finish" and chequered body.


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Graz & the Graz Region

In the capital of culture Graz, there is plenty of traditional costume and contemporary fashion to choose from: from the Heimatwerk, which cuts authentic dirndls, to Lena Hoschek, a Styrian designer whose fine pieces are always inspired by the traditional costume in the Green Heart of Austria. In addition, many other traditional businesses display their collections and strike a harmonious balance between the traditional and modern. Graz offers traditional costumes for every taste – you are spoilt for choice here.  


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Upper Styria

Natives and guests alike will also find wonderful traditional costumes in Upper Styria. The "forest home of Rosegger dirndl" is one of them. It is festively elegant with a green-black plaid body, black skirt and dark-green apron. The interwoven floral ornaments make it a special piece of clothing for any occasion. The dirndl got its name from the famous Styrian poet Peter Rosegger, who is known to have grown up in Upper Styria. To match the ladies, the men wear a black-green plaid vest under the Rosegger janker [jacket].


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Eastern Styria

Genuine traditional costume from eastern Styriasuch as that of the eastern Styria Sunday traditional costume or the slightly more colourful eastern Styria Kulmland everyday traditional costume, are worn happily by Styrians. But do you also know the dirndls such as the "Birndl dirndl" or the "Almenland edition" dirndl? These and other special traditional costumes can be found in the numerous shops in eastern Styria.


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Tagalm/Sattental, Schladminger Tauern | © Steiermark Tourismus | Herbert Raffalt


On some festive days, the Ramsau festival traditional costume is taken out of the closet. In the region of Schladming-Dachstein, there are many places to purchase special fabrics or traditional costume. Beautiful destinations are Steiner1888 Wollwelt, a tradtional fabric manufacture, as well as Lodenwalker, home to Schladming loden since 1434.


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Southern & Western Styria

Special pieces: in southern and western Styria, traditional costume is also an expression of regional identity. If you would like to get to know the everyday traditional costume of Schilcherland, for example, local shop owners will be happy to advise you on which colours and fabrics are worn in this region. Tip: Silberschneider is the traditional costume shop in Deutschlandsberg. A number of shops are recommended in southern Styria, such as Weintracht in Ehrenhausen or the Gössl branch in Leibnitz.


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Thermal Springs Country of Styria

A tour with tips through the worlds of traditional costume: traditional costume in thermal springs country stands for a bond with one's homeland and timelessness. A tip is to visit the Hiebaum traditional costume factory where, on a guided tour through the transparent manufacturing process, you can discover how extensive traditional costume is and how it is made. Women's and men's traditional costumes are available in some other shops. Particularly popular is the thermal springs country and the Vulkanland everyday traditional costume.

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Annemarie Kury at the Bernhard-Fest hut on the Frauenalpe, Murau | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm

Holiday Region of Murtal

With around 280 women's traditional costumes, the Green Heart of Austria presents a multifaceted abundance of regional dirndls. One well-known version in the holiday region of Murtal is the Upper Murtal everyday traditional costume with its violet-red body and its green Kittl, which can be striped or flowered. In the historic city of Murau, you are sure to find some beautiful pieces, from dirndls to Styrian suits, for example at the traditional costume fashion shop Rottensteiner.

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