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All-around versatile: Styria offers a wealth of destinations for the entire family. From historical treasures like castles, palaces and monasteries, to exhibitions and fine arts, to contemporary architecture. Joy ride: adventure railways offer moving experiences between culture and nature in the city and country.

It was beautiful then, and still is today: individual gorgeous castles and palaces convey a life from past epochs, linking

with the present with castle tours or culture and culinary events.

Inspiring places decorate the inner courtyards of monasteries and abbeys: whether in the monastery garden, in the abbey library or in the abbey church, pleasantly peaceful and harmonious places for introspection can be discovered in the Styrian monasteries, abbeys and churches.

Cultural Attractions

Discover the cultural wealth of Styria
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Modern art museum Graz at night | © Universalmuseum Joanneum | Eduardo Martinez
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Graz Art Museum

What is artistic, rather striking and is lovingly called the "Friendly Alien"? The Graz Art Museum of course! In the heart of Styria, it inspires its visitors with modern architecture, but also with contemporary art.
Aerial photo of the Dome of Graz | © Katholische Kirche Steiermark | Harry Schiffer
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Abbey / Church / Monastery, Cooling tip, Winter excursion destination

Graz Cathedral

The cathedral is the seat of the bishopric of the Styrian bishops and part of the "City Crown of Graz".
Fairy tale train in Graz | © Die Grazer Märchenbahn | Hannes Loske
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Graz Fairy Tale Train

Entertaining ride on the fairy tale train: the tracks are set, locomotive and coaches are ready, the journey into the mountain begins. But the first surprise is already waiting just a few moments later: it's not just leaning back and watching here.
Entrance to the GrazMuseum | © GrazMuseum | Andreas Vormayr
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Graz Museum

Whether you are familiar with Graz or not, in the Graz Museum at the foot of the Graz Schlossberg [Castle Hill] you will discover the unexpected and gain new insights into the Styrian capital.
View to the Schlossberg | © Graz Tourismus | Harry Schiffer
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Graz Schlossberg [Castle Hill]

The Graz Schlossberg [castle hill] is a natural spectacle, a recreation area and a perfect starting point all at once. In no time, you make it to the top and can enjoy the beautiful view of Graz and the surrounding area.
Labyrinth Mensch | © Gemeinde Rettenegg | Michael Löffler
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Human Labyrinth

The journey into the self. Dive in and embark on an expedition into the human body. This is possible at the exhibition Human Labyrinth in Rettenegg in the Joglland-Waldheimat region.
Schloss Stainz (palace) in summer | © Universalmuseum Joanneum | Nicolas Lackner
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Hunting Museum and Agricultural Museum at Castle Stainz

Experience stylish culture. With its Baroque abbey church, Castle Stainz characterises the image of the west Styrian hill country and houses two museums of the Universal Museum Joanneum: the Hunting Museum and the Agricultural Museum. In addition, ...
Joanneum Quarter exterior view | © UMJ | N. Lackner
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Museum, Cooling tip, Winter excursion destination for families


The Joanneumsviertel in the heart of the Graz old town is an exciting combination in every respect: the New Gallery of Contemporary Art Graz and the Museum of Natural History invite you to explore inspiring museum experiences, while the Regional ...
World of sound | © Kräftereich | Zugschwert
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Kräftereich St. Jakob im Walde

We humans are constantly influenced by forces. Already heard of it? No? No matter. Now you can experience it for yourself at Kräftereich St. Jakob im Walde.
© Kürbishof Koller | Eldon Goranovic
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Pumpkin, Art & Culture, Winter excursion destination, Winter excursion destination for families

Kürbishof Koller Pumpkin Studio

Tasting of pumpkin specialties: At Kürbishof Koller you can find out what pumpkin seed oil looks like, tastes like and what it is best served with.