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All-around versatile: Styria offers a wealth of destinations for the entire family. From historical treasures like castles, palaces and monasteries, to exhibitions and fine arts, to contemporary architecture. Joy ride: adventure railways offer moving experiences between culture and nature in the city and country.

It was beautiful then, and still is today: individual gorgeous castles and palaces convey a life from past epochs, linking

with the present with castle tours or culture and culinary events.

Inspiring places decorate the inner courtyards of monasteries and abbeys: whether in the monastery garden, in the abbey library or in the abbey church, pleasantly peaceful and harmonious places for introspection can be discovered in the Styrian monasteries, abbeys and churches.

Cultural Attractions

Discover the cultural wealth of Styria
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Castle / Palace, Nature & Adventures, Winter excursion destination, Winter excursion destination for families

Brucker Schlossberg [Castle Hill]

The most beautiful city panorama high above Bruck an der Mur. It is easy to reach via a culturally interesting city walking route directly from the historic centre. On the castle hill is also the literature path "On the trail of the last minstrel ...
Burg Festenburg, aerial view | © Archiv des Stiftes  Vorau | Archiv des Stiftes  Vorau
Excursion Destination
Steiermark-Card, Cooling tip, Castle / Palace

Castle Festenburg

The Festenburg is a real insider's tip. Here you will find frescoes and oil paintings from the Baroque painter J.C. Hackhofer. You see the living culture from 1900 in the Kernstock rooms, a small armoury as well as a special exhibition about the ...
Aerial view of Schloss Großsölk, castle | © Naturpark Sölktäler | Thomas Guggenberger
Excursion Destination
Museum, Family & Kids, Cooling tip

Castle Großsölk Nature Park House & Jesuit Garden

Castle Großsölk shows the exhibition "Natura Mirabilis" and the themed exhibition "Styrian cheese - The Gold of the Alpine Pastures". The café "Endlich Ruhe" [Finally Peace] invites you to stop and rest. In the inner courtyard, you can admire ...
Castle courtyard | © Herberstein | Eva Glössl
Excursion Destination
Museum, Castle / Palace, Cooling tip, Culture tip for children

Castle Herberstein & Gironcoli Museum

A mighty castle, magical gardens as well as the styles of great epochs make the garden castle of Herberstein a glorious witness of the adventurous land. You can dive into the world of modern art at the Gironcoli Museum.
Burg Riegersburg, castle | © Tourismusverband Riegersburg | Rudolf Ferder
Excursion Destination
Castle / Palace, Family & Kids, Nature & Adventures, Cooling tip, Culture tip for children, Steiermark-Card

Castle Riegersburg

Worth seeing: The castle and its three exhibitions in around 30 magnificent rooms.
© Hotel Schloss Seggau | Kristoferitsch
Excursion Destination
Cooling tip, Castle / Palace, Wine,

Castle Seggau

Hotel Schloss Seggau has been known as an excursion destination beyond the borders of Styria fro many decades. Probably the most impressive rooms in the castle are the regency rooms. The more than 300-year-old Episcopal vineyards are one of the ...
Exterior view of the museum | © Stadtmuseum Hartberg | Wetzelsdorfer
Excursion Destination
Museum, Steiermark-Card

City Museum of Hartberg

What was happening on the Ringkogel 2,000 years ago? Why were portraits of Romans found in this area? Against whom did the city walls of Hartberg protect? What were the fates in the 20th century?
Exhibition at the Münzkabinett (Coin Cabinet) | © Universalmuseum Joanneum | Nicolas Lackner
Excursion Destination

Coin Cabinet [Münzkabinett ]

Part of the Universal Museum Joanneum, the Coin Cabinet in Eggenberg Palace is inspired by its location and exhibits select pieces from the coin mint of Graz and the most important coin treasures of Styria at the centre of its presentation.
Exhibition | © Diözesanmuseum Graz | Johannes Schwarzl-Ranz
Excursion Destination
Cooling tip, Winter excursion destination, Museum, Steiermark-Card

Diocesan Museum Graz

As a place of artistic dialogue in the area of Christian faith, the Diocesan Museum of Graz is also known for its special exhibitions and its special museum educational programmes for everyone!
Experimentarium | © oekopark Errichtungs GmbH | MAM-Arts
Excursion Destination
Family & Kids, Nature & Adventures, Winter excursion destination, Steiermark-Card, Culture tip for children, Museum, Winter excursion destination for families

Ecopark Experience Empire

A science centre with fascinating exhibitions on nature and technology, fun experimenting stations, MAXOOM 3D and large-format cinema and an observatory. Spend an exciting day of adventure with your family at the ecopark Hartberg!