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All-around versatile: Styria offers a wealth of destinations for the entire family. From historical treasures like castles, palaces and monasteries, to exhibitions and fine arts, to contemporary architecture. Joy ride: adventure railways offer moving experiences between culture and nature in the city and country.

It was beautiful then, and still is today: individual gorgeous castles and palaces convey a life from past epochs, linking

with the present with castle tours or culture and culinary events.

Inspiring places decorate the inner courtyards of monasteries and abbeys: whether in the monastery garden, in the abbey library or in the abbey church, pleasantly peaceful and harmonious places for introspection can be discovered in the Styrian monasteries, abbeys and churches.

Cultural Attractions

Discover the cultural wealth of Styria
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Pond in the "kunstGarten" (garden of art) | © kunstGarten | Irmi Horn
Excursion Destination
Art & Culture, Winter excursion destination, Steiermark-Card

Art Garden, Culture Room & Open Air Museum

The Art Garden, chosen by The Culture Trip 2015 as one of the 7 Top Parks 2015 in Graz, is a meeting space that connects nature and art with science in the interplay between public and private, thus appealing to visitors from around the world.
Interior view | © Österreichisches Forstmuseum Silvanum | Stefan Leitner
Excursion Destination
Museum, National Park / Nature Park, Steiermark-Card

Austria's Forestry Museum Silvanum

Follow the tracks of lumberjacks, raftsmen and charcoal burners to the 3D natural cinema of Gesäuse and experience the exciting forest culture journey in the former granary!
Alpine museum Austriahütte, exterior view | © Alpenverein Austria | Harald Herzog
Excursion Destination
Nature & Adventures, Museum, Steiermark-Card

Austriahütte Alpine Museum

Alpine history up close in an alpine environment, between the southern face of the Dachstein and the Edelgrieß glacier, awaits visitors to the alpine museum at the Austriahütte.
Brass music museum, signage | © TVB Oberwölz-Lachtal | Ikarus.cc
Excursion Destination
Museum, Family & Kids, Steiermark-Card

Austrian Brass Music and Local Museum Oberwölz

How does a cane trumpet sound? Or would you rather play the alphorn? The Austrian Brass Music Museum in Oberwölz presents the variety of brass music in the past and present.
Aerial photo of the open air museum Stübing | © ÖFM Stübing | Reinhart Nunner
Excursion Destination
Family & Kids, Nature & Adventures, Museum, Steiermark-Card, Culture tip for children

Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing

Culture, enjoyment and nature can be found together in the valley of history: walk past flowering farmers' gardens and meadows, saunter past historic farmers' buildings and relax. A walk outdoors, diving into history and taking a closer look at the ...
Exterior view of the Alpen garden | © Stadtgemeinde Bad Aussee | Reinhard Weidacher
Excursion Destination
Art & Culture, Steiermark-Card

Bad Aussee Alpine Garden

The Bad Aussee Alpine Garden is worth a visit for gardeners and nature lovers. Over 2,000 plants from around the world await you in an old romantic garden.
Garden with daylilies in the garden bellabayer | © bellabayer | Bernhard Bergmann
Excursion Destination
Nature & Adventures, Art & Culture, Steiermark-Card

bellabayer - The Garden Studio

Letting your soul unwind at the lotus pond and the tulip tree, who doesn't want that? Lush plant diversity meets sensual art in the most beautiful show garden in Styria. A garden cafe, concerts, readings and much more.
Exterior view | © Pedagrafie | Marcel Peda
Excursion Destination
Abbey / Church / Monastery, National Park / Nature Park, Family & Kids, Cooling tip, Winter excursion destination, Steiermark-Card, Excursion Destination, Culture tip for children, Winter excursion destination for families

Benedictine Abbey of Admont - Library & Museum

The Benedictine Abbey of Admont lies in the Gesäuse in Upper Styria, nestled in a rocky mountain valley. The oldest existing monastery in Styria is home to a unique gem, the world's largest monastic library, which has been fascinating visitors for ...
Brahms piano | © Brahmsmuseum | Ronald Fuchs
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Museum, Cooling tip, Winter excursion destination, Steiermark-Card

Brahms Museum in Mürzzuschlag

Brahms lives on - in Mürzzuschlag where the Brahms Museum has been built with a considerable amount of imagination - the only one of its kind in the world.
Museum of music for brass instruments Ratten | © Blasmusikmuseum Ratten | Gerhard Friesenbichler
Excursion Destination
Museum, Steiermark-Card,

Brass music museum Ratten

You give the cue and the 12 musicians from 1895 play waltzes, polkas, etc. from the old days. Coveted by youth: listen to music and modern drum instruments via headphones. The rare musical instruments, such as the ophicleide from 1830 or even older ...