Open-air museum Vorau (Eastern Styria) | © Steiermark Tourismus | Gery Wolf

9 Tips for Museums

What exhibitions do you find exciting? Contemporary art, street art or an open-air museum outdoors? In addition to art galleries, you can also visit great small museums or browse through folk culture museums in Styria. No two museums are alike. In the city and country, each museum has its own style.

In searching for the muse, you will come across completely different exhibitions in the Green Heart of Austria: folk culture museums, such as the open-air museum in Stübing, invite you to actively experience history and stroll through the green valley. At the Graz Art Museumon the other hand, you delve into the architecturally playful spaces and can then linger in the trendy art café. Another option is the museum experience at Eggenberg Palace: the wall paintings are magnificent and stately.

Participation welcome! In some local museums, guided tours or workshops are offered where exhibitions are explained in a way that is fun. Ask at the museum of your choice and be inspired.

Our recommendation for city visits: Styria is equally rich in galleries. From small peculiarities to popular works of art, creators of culture show their creative and innovative side in the city and country.

You can find these museums and other exhibitions that could excite you here:

Other Museums

An overview for young and old museum lovers
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Schlosshof | © Schloss Gamlitz | MP moving-pictures GmbH
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Castle Gamlitz and Wine Museum

The event Castle Gamlitz in southern Styria attracts its visitors with its great diversity. Whether the wine museum, lounge or wine cellar, there is always something to see. The annual event highlights of the SummertimeBlues and the WelschBrunch ...
Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien (house of artists) | © KM- | Maria Schnabl
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Künstlerhaus, a Building for Art & Media (KM–)

A visit to the Künstlerhaus [Artist House] is an experience with plenty of highlights. This is where contemporary art meets classic modern architecture. Built in 1952, the Künstlerhaus fulfils its traditional reputation as one of the most ...
The 671 steam train | © StEF | Gottfried Aldrian
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Technical Railway Museum Lieboch

How does a steam locomotive work? What is the red flash? Do you know the world's oldest working steam locomotive? You will find answers to these questions and more at the TEML, right next to the Lieboch railway station.
Exhibition at the Alte Galerie  (old gallery) | © Universalmuseum Joanneum | J.J. Kucek
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Alte Galerie [Old Art Gallery]

The collection of the Alte Galerie includes European painting and sculpture from the Romanesque to the end of the Baroque, an extensive collection of Baroque oil sketches and a .
Archeology Museum, exterior view | © Universalmuseum Joanneum | N. Lackner
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Archaeological Museum

A museum that gets under your skin! 1,300 items from "Styrian" primeval times as well as Classical Antiquity, the Ancient Orient and Egypt form the framework for topics that concern people from all times and at different places.
Brass music museum, signage | © TVB Oberwölz-Lachtal |
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Austrian Brass Music and Local Museum Oberwölz

How does a cane trumpet sound? Or would you rather play the alphorn? The Austrian Brass Music Museum in Oberwölz presents the variety of brass music in the past and present.
Aerial photo of the open air museum Stübing | © ÖFM Stübing | Reinhart Nunner
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Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing

Culture, enjoyment and nature can be found together in the valley of history: walk past flowering farmers' gardens and meadows, saunter past historic farmers' buildings and relax. A walk outdoors, diving into history and taking a closer look at the ...
Museum of music for brass instruments Ratten | © Blasmusikmuseum Ratten | Gerhard Friesenbichler
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Brass music museum Ratten

You give the cue and the 12 musicians from 1895 play waltzes, polkas, etc. from the old days. Coveted by youth: listen to music and modern drum instruments via headphones. The rare musical instruments, such as the ophicleide from 1830 or even older ...
Aerial view of Schloss Großsölk, castle | © Naturpark Sölktäler | Thomas Guggenberger
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Castle Großsölk Nature Park House & Jesuit Garden

Castle Großsölk shows the exhibition "Natura Mirabilis" and the themed exhibition "Styrian cheese - The Gold of the Alpine Pastures". The café "Endlich Ruhe" [Finally Peace] invites you to stop and rest. In the inner courtyard, you can admire ...
Castle courtyard | © Herberstein | Eva Glössl
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Castle Herberstein & Gironcoli Museum

A mighty castle, magical gardens as well as the styles of great epochs make the garden castle of Herberstein a glorious witness of the adventurous land. You can dive into the world of modern art at the Gironcoli Museum.