Bicycle tour Eurovelo9, Wagerberg near Bad Waltersdorf, Styrian Spa Country | © Steiermark Tourismus | Leo Himsl

Orientation & Signage

In South Moravia, the EuroVelo 9 route is marked along the entire path with the international EuroVelo 9 logo and it travels along the national cycle route no. 5 (up Nový Prerov) and regional cycle route no. 41 (Nový Prerov - Breclav).

In Austria, the cycling paths are consistently marked with the EuroVelo 9 logo. The relevant signposts are sited at least at every intersection and turn-off, and also in between for obvious longer sections, as well as at all major points. The signage is designed to accompany the tour and is not suitable for finding your way at a racing speed!

Initially, the EuroVelo 9 comes into Austria on the Breclav - Vienna cycling path, then it runs through Vienna on the Wine District and Laxenburg cycling paths, and then continues to Bad Radkersburg on the Thermal Springs Cycling Path. Here in the cycling region of Bad Radkersburg at the border triangle of Austria-Slovenia-Hungary, we switch to the known Mur Cycling Path and continue to Spielfeld in order to then move onto the cycling path D-1 to Maribor.