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Mobility options

Bike & rail, the ideal combination. Fast, convenient and environmentally friendly. The trip must be well-planned - whether by train, bus, car or plane. No matter what form of transport you take to reach your holiday destination on the EuroVelo 9, it is well-connected to the European transport network. Arrival by train or bus to Brno/Blansko is quite easy as are other entry points along the EuroVelo 9. But the EuroVelo 9 is also easily accessible from all over the world by using the international network of roads as well as the airports in Brno, Vienna and Graz.

Travel to your holiday destination and move around Austria and beyond entirely without stress and traffic jams When travelling by train, your holiday gets underway during the journey. The countless train connections from Europe are a cost-efficient, fast and relaxed way to get to the EuroVelo 9. For more information about the connections of the ÖBB [Austrian Federal Railways], contact the call centre of Austrian Federal Railways on tel. +43 5 1717. The Cyclists' Hotline in Germany can be reached at +49 1805 151415. In the Czech Republic, the call centre of the Czech Railways (ČD) can be reached on tel. +420 840 112 113 or at www.cd.cz.


Bikes and trains can easily be combined on the EuroVelo 9. Bikes can be taken on the trains of the Czech Railways (ČD) and the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Please note, however, that space is limited. For more information about bike transport, click here. One interesting connection is when, after your arrival in Maribor, you either take the train or bike (on the  Mur Cycling Path) to Graz and then take the Railjet back to Brno. The timetable information of the ÖBB is ideal for planning and scheduling enquiries. Tip: Use the Sparschiene ticket to get to the Czech Republic with the ÖBB!