Bicycle tour Eurovelo9, Wagerberg near Bad Waltersdorf, Styrian Spa Country | © Steiermark Tourismus | Leo Himsl

The most beautiful destinations along the EuroVelo 9

The excursion destinations along the tour are as rich in contrast and diverse as the EuroVelo 9 itself. Here are just a few tips. Detailed information can be found on the websites of the tourist regions along the EuroVelo 9.

The options are so extensive that anyone can put together an unforgettable trip that meets individual interests. For those who are interested in culture, there is a great balance between the living culture of rural regions with their small museums and artisans and the world culture found in Vienna .

The culinary theme makes every connoisseur's heart beat faster: wine regions in South Moravia, Lower Austria, Styria and around Maribor are great places to visit. Pumpkin seed oil mills in Styria provide insight into the production of the popular pumpkin seed oil, which is also called "The Green Gold of Styria". And idyllic natural sites line up like a necklace of pearls, such as the thermal springs, which offer relaxation for any cyclist.

Diverse as the EuroVelo 9

Attractions along the route
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Aerial view of Riegersburg | © Thermenland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger
Excursion Destination
Wine, Panorama road

Thermal Springs Country Wine Road

Vineyards and pumpkin fields, fruit orchards and castles, gentle hills and hot springs: an attractive stretch of land characterised by six thermal springs, which provide relaxation and recovery all year-round.
Romans | © Oststeirische Römerweinstraße |
Excursion Destination
Panorama road, Wine

Austrian Roman Wine Road

Experience what it means to enjoy eastern Styria to the fullest. Fine wines, traditional cuisine and exciting attractions from the past and present await you on one of the longest contiguous Austrian wine roads.
Vinothek St. Anna am Aigen | © Weinland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger
Excursion Destination

Gesamtsteirische Vinothek

At the centre of St. Anna am Aigen, high above the hilly landscape, the Gesamtsteirische Vinothek not only offers an overview of Styrian wine, but also a beautiful view.
Thermal bath | © H2O-Hoteltherme | Helmut Schweighofer
Excursion Destination
Thermal springs & spa, Family & Kids, Winter excursion destination, Thermal Springs, Child-friendly restaurant, Winter excursion destination for families, ,

H2O-Hotel Thermal Springs Resort

Whether a day trip or short holiday, whether alone, as a couple or with the whole family – the H20 thermal springs paradise offers swimming and sliding fun for everyone, and in any weather. Over 1,000 m² of water and a firework of water ...