Bicycle tour Eurovelo9, Rogner Bad Blumau | © Steiermark Tourismus | Leo Himsl

EuroVelo 9

... a journey through the heart of Europe

A bike tour through the heart of Europe

EuroVelo 9 is part of the European Long-distance Cycling Network and in a few years will connect the Polish Baltic Sea coastline with the Croatian Adriatic over a distance of 1,930 km. In the future, the route will run, therefore, through the heart of Central and Eastern Europe: from Gdansk across Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia to Pula in Croatia. The section shown here travels along the finished section from the town of Blansko near Brno in South Moravia through the east and south of Austria to Maribor in Slovenia: It is a real pleasure tour through vineyards, historic towns and numerous thermal springs.