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Young Styria leisure partners

Young Styria Activity partners

Our activity partners have their hearts in the right place: they ensure that you get where you need to go without any problems and that your stay in Styria is anything but boring!

There are many elements to a successful children's or young persons’ trip to Styria. Let’s take a skiing trip as an example: the key elements are getting there and back, ski-lift pass, ski hire, accommodation, catering, local transport, additional excursions and activity organisation. The Young Styria activity partners offer accommodation, excursion destinations and important services for the perfect Styrian experience.

Mobile with ÖBB trains

ÖBB keeps you on track: our comfortable trains mean you can already start looking forward to travelling to Styria. We are the environmentally friendly, affordable travel partner for young people, schools and youth groups.

ÖBB Sparschiene – enjoy all the advantages of train travel from up to 9.90 Euros per trip, for example from Vienna to Graz.

ÖBB Vorteilscard Jugend – a whole year of rail journeys at reduced rates. Available to anyone under 26 years of age for just 19 Euros per year.

ÖBB Schulcard – ÖBB’s free customer card for Austrian schools and youth groups. Discounts of up to 60%! Accompanying adults travel for free (number dependent on group size).

Klimaticket Steiermark Jugend Switch to the Klimaticket Ö - ÖBB (  –  covers all public transport in Styria for all young people under 26 years of age for just 441 Euros.

Freizeit-Ticket Steiermark  Freizeit-Ticket Steiermark - ÖBB ( – your ticket for all occasions. With the Freizeit-Ticket Steiermark, you can travel right across the region for just 11 Euros.

Travel with ÖBB | © Österreichische Bundesbahnen | Harald Eisenberger

Steirische cable cars

What do you get in return for a ski-lift pass? A trip up the mountain? The chance of a breathtaking view of the valley? Lots of fun? All that and plenty more!

Special deals for children and young persons “The mountain belongs to the children”, the cable cars also offer the following: Kinderland projects for the little ones, child-friendly pistes, ski taster days for school classes and special discounts. Children 6 and under and often even 10 and under go for free with more than 95% of local cable car operators. Almost as many operators have special family deals and there are special prices for young persons at snowboarding parks, carving runs and ski openings.

© Reiteralm Bergbahnen | Tom Lamm

BAC - Best Adventure Company

go for adventure… seeking thrills since 1987! We offer outdoor activities such as rafting, canyoning, via ferrata, etc.!

For 10 years we have offered a school sports weekwith a wide range of outdoor sports. You can design your own week on a modular basis. The programme allows school students to gain experience in a number of different areas and discover their own strengths and weaknesses. These activities and the cosy inns and sport hotels guarantee an exciting week for the students.


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