Wein-Erlebnis-Weg Bad Loipersdorf/barriererfreier Routenabschnitt

This is the barrier-free section of the Wine Experience Trail. It is not a circular trail and therefore usable/signposted in both directions. 
On this section you can comfortably use the Wine Experience Trail with a stroller or children with a wheelchair. One is exclusively on ashpaltierten ways on the way, which may not be used by other road users or only restricted (30 km/h zone, only Anreiner, etc.). Only at 2 road crossings appropriate caution. Even if it is only a part of the wine experience way - one experiences 3 of the attractions on these 4 km short piece (there and back 8 km) the wine stone, the wine water case and the bottle turning. Besides, you are also on the milestone path on the first 2 km - a double experience factor, so to speak.



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Level of difficulty
8,3 km
2:30 h
3 hm
3 hm
262 m
Highest point
243 m
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The starting point of this barrier-free section is in the town of Bad Loipersdorf - specifically at the park in the town center. This is also the starting point of the milestone trail, which is why you can also examine its 1st station here. After you have walked through this small park, you follow the road to the right at the kindergarten - past the elementary school and the tennis courts. After about 500 meters, keep straight on this road. After about 200 meters you will pass the 2nd milestone and immediately after that the "Wein-Stein", an attraction of the Wein-Erlebnis-Weg. After another 150 m turn right in the direction of the houses. Here you come to the main road - but of course use the parallel footpath and cycle path.  At the gas station you have to cross the road and continue along the sidewalk in the direction of Stein. After the small bridge (after about 200 m) you must (unfortunately) cross the road again because the sidewalk leads from here on the left of the road. Passing the so-called Rehgraben Chapel, you will reach the entrance to Rehgrabenstraße after about 800 m. Turn left here. Turn left here and after 100 m take the asphalt forest road on the right and follow it. After about 150 m you will pass another attraction of the Wine Experience Trail - the Wine-Water-Fall. Especially in summer it is a shady resting place. Follow the path until you come to a crossroad - turn right here and continue on the sidewalk to the left immediately after the bridge. After about 150 m you have arrived at the Stangl inn and thus at the end or turning point of the barrier-free path. If you want, you can still turn right into the center of Stein (about 800 m) - but from then on a steep ascent begins. After a visit to the inn and before you start the way back, you should take advantage of the 3rd attraction of the Wine Experience Trail at the information hut - the bottle spinning. Afterwards, take the same path back to the park in the center of Bad Loipersdorf.      
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What the weather will be like

Loipersdorf bei Fürstenfeld (246m)

10 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Thick clouds through the day. More rain in the beginning, then mostly light rain.
15 km/h
20 km/h
15 km/h
The day will be dry, but mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells.
slightly cloudy
12°C 22°C
very sunny
12°C 26°C
very sunny
12°C 26°C
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