Nature Trail Maria-Theresianischer Grenzweg Hohenbrugg-Weinberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Unknown Nature Trail Maria-Theresianischer Grenzweg Hohenbrugg-Weinberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Unknown

Maria-Theresianischer Grenzweg Hohenbrugg-Weinberg

The Maria Theresian Border Trail leads through vineyards, forests, past Hohenbrugg Castle and along the Raab River.
The Maria Theresian Border Trail leads over 21 km through vineyards, forests, past Hohenbrugg Castle and along the Raab River. There is a unique nature conservation project here: under the motto "My square meter of the Raab valley", adjacent grounds to the Raab are being purchased as part of a building block campaign. Saving the last floodplain of the Raab provides an original habitat for many rare animal and plant species. A lookout and information stand modeled on a chartake from the Kuruzzen period provides information. Along the Maria Theresian Border Trail you can still find two Maria Theresian border stones, which marked the border to Hungary at that time. At the station "Ins Land einischaun" on the Mauserberg the view widens to Hungary.

The circular loops Weinberg (4.1 km / 1:15 h) and Hohenbrugg (10.5 km / 2:30 h) can also be hiked separately.




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Level of difficulty
17,4 km
5:30 h
308 hm
211 hm
366 m
Highest point
248 m
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You can arrive by public transport. It is also possible to travel by car via the A2 Südautobahn. Freeway exit: Gleisdorf-West

Detailed information on how to get here can be found here.


We take the small side road at the Pestsäule and turn right after about 200m, cross the Birnbach and start the ascent to the Mauserberg across meadows and a small piece of forest. From here we have a surprisingly wide panoramic view. And if we take the time, we also feel inside the airy atmosphere that prevails here! We leave this wonderful place and hike over a small depression to the next hilltop and into the forest, where we soon come across a boundary stone from the time of Empress Maria-Theresia, after whom the hiking trail is named. Today, this is the border with Burgenland. After a few minutes we reach the source of the Rainbach, whose course we now follow to the road. On it it is only a few hundred meters, then we cross the railroad into the Raab meadows and finally cross the Raab to the Tschartake, a replica watchtower, as they were used in the past for defense against the Ottomans and Kurucs. We walk along the Raab to the next bridge, over which we pass the train station to Hohenbrugg Castle. A fortification was built here as early as the 12th century, but the present castle dates from the 16th century. Around the castle and across a meadow we come back into the forest, through which we hike to the Fröhlichberg. At the Buschenschank Paierl we leave the hand track and continue along the edge of the forest, through a small piece of forest to Elendberg and finally near the Bruchmann Chapel back on the road. We follow the road down to Weinberg, where we turn left onto the hand track just before the state road. The path is quite steep and leads up to the Krenn wine tavern, then left back to the Paierl wine tavern, from where we return to Hohenbrugg along the familiar path.
Walk the trail when the weather is nice to enjoy the best view from the Mauser Mountain to Hungary!

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Unterlamm (277m)

10 km/h
slightly cloudy
10 km/h
5 km/h
Morning clouds will clear gradually. Then frequent sunny periods.
very sunny
5 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
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17°C 24°C
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16°C 23°C
15°C 24°C
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