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FB5 Weintour Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark

The wine as a faithful companion. The FB5 wine tour is one of a total of 14 forest and meadow tours in the Feldbach region in the thermal and volcanic country of Styria.


"Wine is St. Anna am Aigen" is written at the entrances to the market town. The wine-growing region of Vulkanland benefits from the volcanic and alluvial cones that are responsible for the precious mineralization. The wine villages and their gems can be wonderfully explored by bike. Buschenschenken and inns sweeten the tour. In the thermal bath Bad Gleichenberg regenerate body and mind. A very beautiful route, largely on side roads with little traffic. Highlights: Waltra/Scheming - St. Anna/Aigen - Kapenstein - Bad Gleichenberg.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
45,5 km
3:30 h
782 hm
782 hm
436 m
Highest point
249 m
Lowest point

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Coming from Graz:
 Freeway A2 direction Vienna - exit Gleisdorf Süd - direction Feldbach B68 - direction Bad Gleichenberg B66

 Coming from Vienna:
 Freeway A2 direction Graz - exit Ilz/ Fürstenfeld - direction Riegersburg B66 to Feldbach - direction Bad Gleichenberg B66

KM Route


0 Start at the parking lot/bus stop Schulstraße (Kirchenwirt) Glbg.

0,5 turn right and after 200m turn right again

1,0 turn right again and go straight after 100m

1,6 turn right

1,9 go straight ahead

2,5 turn right into Bairisch Kölldorf

3,9 turn left to Steinbach

4,6 straight ahead (turn right to the hiking trail towards Hochstraden)

5,8 turn right

6,8 straight on in Jamm and after 200m straight on again

8,1 straight in Waltra ( Waltra rock nearby)

8,5 turn right towards Schemming ( chapel nearby)

9,4 turn left

10,3 turn right (after the descent) and go straight after 500m

11,0 left after 200m left again (Plesch - hairpin bend)

11,8 straight on cross the country road

12,9 straight ahead in Risola

13,2 go straight on

13,9 turn left in Klapping

14,2 turn right, after 500m turn left

15,2 Go straight on (roadside shrine)

15,6 go straight on

16,8 turn right

17,3 turn left onto Landesstaße towards Pichla

17,9 turn left in Pichla

18,5 turn right uphill towards Deutsch Haseldorf

20,0 turn left in Deutsch Haseldorf onto state road

20,4 turn right into village Deutsch Haseldorf

20,8 turn left and after 100m left again

22,8 right/beginning gravel road (also R12)

22.9 left gravel road along state border with SLO

24,3 turn left at the end of the gravel road

24.35 right (old border house)

25,8 straight ahead at the beginning of the forest

26,8 turn left

27,2 turn right onto state road

27,3 go straight on in Aigen

28,8 straight on Landesstraße (approx. 200m up on the left: St. Anna/A. )

29,4 go straight ahead

30,3 turn right to Neustift

33,4 turn right in Neustift

33,6 turn left

35,5 turn right onto main road towards Kapfenstein

36,9 straight ahead in Kapfenstein (right: Kapfenstein Castle )

38,5 turn left in Mahrensdorf

38,7 go straight ahead

39,8 turn right

40,8 go straight ahead

41.1 Continue straight ahead

42,0 turn left

42.2 Turn right towards Steinriegel

42.8 Go straight ahead

44,0 turn right

45,6 Destination is at the parking lot after Kirchenwirt

St. Anna am Aigen is also very well known for its hiking trail "Wine Trail of the Senses" and is one of the winners in "9 Places - 9 Treasures" of the ORF.

Detailed information about arriving by ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) can be found at  www.oebb.at or on the Verbundlinie Steiermark website  www.busbahnbim.at


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Bad Gleichenberg train station
Chargeable parking in the underground car park in the town center.
The parking time in the local area is 3 hours. Parking is free of charge, but a parking meter must be used.

Tourismusverband Thermen- & Vulkanland
Gästeinfo Feldbach
Hauptplatz 1, 8330 Feldbach
E-Mail: christine.neuhold@thermen-vulkanland.at
Web: www.thermen-vulkanland.at


Mo-Fr von 9-12 und 13-16 Uhr
Foyer von 6-22 Uhr





What the weather will be like

Fehring (270m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
The day starts sunny, but will be partly cloudy in the afternoon.
10 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and bright with plenty of sunshine, clouds will be rare
12°C 22°C
12°C 22°C
13°C 22°C
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