City Walking "Einst und jetzt" - Historischer Rundgang durch Bad Gleichenberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Ria Mang City Walking "Einst und jetzt" - Historischer Rundgang durch Bad Gleichenberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Ria Mang

"Einst und jetzt" - Historischer Rundgang durch Bad Gleichenberg

Experience the eventful history of Bad Gleichenberg on the historical circuit and compare once and now! Designed by the Curmuseumsverein!
In 1834, the governor of Styria, Imperial Count Mathias Constantin von Wickenburg, founded the spa of Bad Gleichenberg. He had the local healing springs tapped and systematically laid out the resort. Very quickly Bad Gleichenberg developed into one of the most sought-after and prestigious health resorts in the monarchy. Members of the European ruling dynasties, international nobility, high bourgeoisie and important military officers populated the place during the "season", which at that time lasted from May to September.

Bad Gleichenberg is still full of traces of this great past. The Curmuseumsverein works to keep this history alive and make it accessible to the public. At several stations you can follow an exciting journey of discovery of the fascinating history of Bad Gleichenberg.



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Coming from Feldbach along the B66, turn off at Kiefer Technic in the direction of Zentrum Bad Gleichenberg.

Coming from Bad Radkersburg along the B66, traffic circle Partyhaus/SoCar gas station - 1st exit in the direction of Zentrum Bad Gleichenberg.

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Leisurely tour of historic Bad Gleichenberg!

We start our tour at the main square and already recognize the first changes - club house and club restaurant, as well as the Villa Albrecht and the spa theater. Our tour continues past Villa Sophie (Villa Süss), Villa D'Orsay to Andrassy Park where we can already catch a glimpse of the "Hotel Milan". Our tour continues to the Milan Hall.

We walk back a short distance, past the Villa Sophie - along Albrechtstraße. We now have a view in the direction of Gleichenberg Castle. We follow the street further to the Luisenvilla and the Hubertushof. Our next stop is at the tourism schools Bad Gleichenberg "Hotel Possenhofen" and "Hotel Venedig". Our walk now takes us along Emmaallee to Villa Max in the middle of the spa park, on to the Rindenkapelle chapel, past the park side of the spa, we see information boards about the Wandelbahn and the Brunnenhalle. Looking up the hill in the spa park we see Villa Wickenburg, which is still inhabited by the descendants of the spa founder. We walk along the path in the spa park and reach the Fountain Temple, which has been home to the spa museum since 2012. We now reach the upper Brunnenstraße and see the Villa Clar, Villa Triestina, Villa Weihnachtsbaum (today Villa Gleichenberg), the Eiskeller, Haus Stadt Frankfurt until we reach the main square again at the Cafe Columbia (Villa Karlsruhe). 


Display boards according to the number and placement on the circular route:   

  1. Vereinshaus, Vereinsrestauration, Kurhaus and Villa Albrecht.   
  2. Spa Theater (Hotel Allmer)   
  3. Villa Süss and Villa D'Orsay   
  4. Andrassy Park   
  5. Hotel Milan   
  6. View of the ruins of Gleichenberg Castle   
  7. Louisenvilla   
  8. Hubertushof   
  9. Hotel Possenhofen and Hotel Venedig   
  10. Villa Max   
  11. Bark Chapel   
  12. Fountain hall and Wandelbahn   
  13. Villa Wickenburg   
  14. Fountain temple   
  15. Villa Clar and Villa Christmas Tree   
  16. Villa Triestina   
  17. Ice cellar   
  18. City of Frankfurt   
  19. Villa Karlsruhe   
  20. Club terrace and Grazerhof   
  21. Villa Streichenwein (Hotel Emmaquelle)   
  22. From the Swiss houses to the clinic   
  23. Villa Franzensburg   
  24. Church and monastery in the spa town of Bad Gleichenberg   
  25. Wallnerhof   
  26. Marienburg (Hotel Stenitzer)   
  27. Berlinerhof (Pirker Inn)
For those who want to learn more about the history of Bad Gleichenberg, we recommend a visit to the Curmuseum!
Timetables and travel information can be found directly at: Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), Steiermärkische Landesbahnen (STLB),

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The Thermenlandbus also takes you directly to Bad Gleichenberg on the fastest way.

Parking facilities sufficiently available.

Parking possibilities: Andrassy Park and Obere Brunnenstraße 3 hours free of charge (short-term parking zone), underground car park in Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße subject to charge.

more information - Curmuseum


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