Hiking around St. Stefan ob Stainz | © Schilcherland Steiermark Hiking around St. Stefan ob Stainz | © Schilcherland Steiermark

Zirknitz - Pirkhof circular route

Nature enjoyment round between Zirknitz and Pirkhof

The original natural landscape of this unique region awaits you on this circular hike. A sunken noble residence takes you back to a long-forgotten time.

St. Stefan ob Stainz, the place where we start our tour, lies in the heart of the Schilcher region. Here you should follow the trail of the rosé shimmering and refreshingly tasting wine flagship of Western Styria.

Therefore, how could it be otherwise, you start your tour from the Schilcherland car park, through the beautiful nature of this unique wine-growing region. Through woods and meadows you will climb up to the Puxhof, a former noble residence that will make you dream of times long gone.

Enjoy the pristine landscape in the Zirknitzgraben, which makes hikers' hearts beat faster with its untouched natural beauty. Here you can leave the worries of everyday life behind you.

On a route of 10.6 kilometres, many a unique photo motif awaits you in about three hours and much to let your soul dangle. Immerse yourself in the beauty around St. Stefan ob Stainz and let yourself be spoilt not only by nature but also by culinary delights.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
10,2 km
3:20 h
220 hm
220 hm
421 m
Highest point
332 m
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Plan your journey via Google Maps to the starting point of the tour: www.google.at/maps

From the north: Motorway Munich - Salzburg - Eben - Schladming - Liezen onto the A9 towards Graz. Exit at Lieboch and follow the B76 to St. Stefan ob Stainz. A9 is subject to toll - Gleinalmtunnel. Alternative: At St. Michael take the S6 towards Bruck and in Bruck take the S35 towards Graz.

From the west: In Villach take the A2 towards Klagenfurt. Take the Steinberg exit and head towards St. Stefan ob Stainz.

From the east: A2: Vienna - Aspang - Hartberg - Fürstenfeld - Graz. From Graz continue on the A2 in the direction of Klagenfurt and take the Lieboch exit in the direction of Stainz/Deutschlandsberg/Eibiswald. Follow the B76 to St. Stefan ob Stainz.

From the south: Take the A1 from Marburg to Lieboch. In Lieboch follow the B76 to St. Stefan ob Stainz.

The car park is opposite the school centre and the church of St. Stefan ob Stainz.

Look forward to this hike, the beauty of untouched nature, refreshing streams and cooling forest paths await you. Start with plenty of energy at the Schilcherland car park in St. Stefan ob Stainz. The village is the largest Schilcher growing community in Styria. So don't hesitate to taste this special grape juice or take a bottle with you on your hike.

The path leads you north past the regional primary schools and you already leave the village and the nature experience can begin. You stroll through the forest and enjoy the play of light and shadow that the sun conjures up on the forest floor. Continue through the meadows swaying in the wind before you hike up to the Puxhof. Take the chance and put a meadow flower in your buttonhole or on your hiking hat.

The Puxhof was the seat of an old noble family. Here you will feel transported back in time and you can dream of times gone by. Nearby is also the Herunter dairy farm, one of the most modern in the region.

From here the trail leads you into the Zirknitzgraben. An absolute highlight of this tour. Enjoy the untouched natural landscape, the tranquillity and originality of this section. While hiking through the ditch, you will find peace and gather strength for everyday life. Use the time for a break to enjoy an original snack from the region that you have brought with you.

Across woods and meadows, you will walk up to Oberzirknitz, a rural settlement with beautiful views of the surrounding Schilcherland. Here it is advisable to take your mobile phone and take some souvenir photos. This is where the western Styrian districts of Voitsberg and Deutschlandsberg border on each other.

The path runs along the crest of the hill to the Treitlerwirt. You should plan a stop here to taste the delicacies of the region. Especially a salad with Styrian pumpkin seed oil - the green gold of the region - is a must.

After this break, the hike continues via the small village of Dörfl, now it's downhill. You cross the hiking trail marked S3 and reach the Pirkhofbachgraben. Take off your hiking boots and cool your feet in the clear water. Well refreshed, you cross a road and then meet the Zirknitzbach again.

After a sawmill, cross another road and continue straight ahead across the meadow. You return to the starting point via an ascending forest section. If you have not yet had enough of hiking and you want to stay in the region overnight, a detour leads up the road to the Krainerhof. You can also spend the night there.

Or you can continue straight ahead across the meadow. You return to the starting point of the hike via an ascending forest section. End the afternoon on the Schilcher Wine Road. Numerous delicacies from the region await you here.

Natural paradise Zirknitzgraben: This section is characterised by its beautiful natural landscape. Enjoy the nativeness to the fullest.
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Schilcherland car park, opposite the school centre St. Stefan ob Stainz.
Tourism Association Schilcherland Styria

Hauptplatz 40

A-8530 Deutschlandsberg

Tel +43 3462 7520




What the weather will be like

St. Stefan ob Stainz (401m)

5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and fair in the early morning, then variable with frequent showers.
12°C 21°C
13°C 21°C
13°C 21°C

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circular route "St. Stefan greets Stainz"