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Length: 6,3 km

Terrain: slightly ascending, hilly

Walking time: about 2 hours

Info: Family-friendly hike


The Turmbauerweg has a lot to offer. Not only does it lead us into a wonderful hiking area, it also draws our attention to cultural-historical objects and to the history of Eibiswald's origins, which are explained in more detail on display boards.

The first panel tells us the oldest legend of our homeland; another one informs us about robotic achievements in the Middle Ages; on the Turmbauer plateau we learn interesting details about the first medieval castle and about one of the oldest farms in the region.On the hike we pass three chapels and a wayside shrine. We will be surprised by the artistry of the peasant families, who had such precious works of sacred art created by academic painters.Before returning to the valley, we will have the opportunity to get to know two cozy inns. Both are popular destinations and famous for their good Styrian cuisine.

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Level of difficulty
6,3 km
2:00 h
200 hm
200 hm
550 m
Highest point
360 m
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Aus dem Norden: Abfahrt bei der Autobahn A2 Lieboch, Richtung Deutschlandsberg, Schwanberg, Eibiswald (Bei allen Kreisverkehren ab Lieboch die zweite Ausfahrt nehmen)

Aus dem Süden: von Kärnten kommend über die Soboth und von Slowenien kommend über den Radlpass Richtung Eibiswald

Aus dem Osten: Von Gleinstätten kommend Richtung Pölfing Brunn, weiter nach Wies fahren. In Wies vor der Bahnübersetzung nach rechts abbiegen, beim Kreisverkehr die dritte Ausfahrt => nach 5 Minuten erreichen Sie Eibiswald

The circular trail begins in front of the Eibiswald parish church, where a showcase tells about the foundation of the first church. We walk across the church square into the narrow Bachgasse, between the Weinpresse inn and the Kloepferkeller hotel, which leads us to the second display board. Then we continue uphill on the asphalt road to the sites of the Turmbauer fortifications. Where the asphalt road turns into a gravel road, we see an imposing hill on the left, on which the front castle complex once stood. Today there is an old linden tree there. From there we have a wonderful distant view. We turn towards the old farm "Turmbauer", rich in history, and follow the dirt road that cuts through a large field. Here, on a plateau that has been cultivated for many centuries, is one of the most beautiful places in our homeland. In front of us there is a forest with many secrets. Just behind the first trees we can see a small plateau surrounded by earthen walls. Follow the signpost and you will reach a romantic forest path that leads to the local road. There we turn right and walk in a westerly direction to the farmstead "Proter", where a richly furnished chapel invites us to linger. Then we turn around, walk back on the road and pass the artistically designed "Stelzer" wayside shrine, until we see in front of us, on the right hand and slightly elevated, the Kohlweiß chapel. From there we walk slightly downhill along the road to the Pommer Chapel and further back in the direction of Eibiswald.

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At the old lime tree directly where the weir used to stand, you have a fantastic distant view, a rest and a picnic is highly recommended. It is planned that this year two large wooden loungers for relaxing under the linden tree will be installed.

mit dem Zug von Graz zum Bahnhof Wies-Eibiswald und danach mit dem Bus oder besser mit dem Gästetaxi nach Eibiswald Infos unter www.oebb.at => www.gkb.at => Taxi Edegger: 0664/3100025

Rund um den Kirchplatz in Eibiswald stehen ausreichend Parkplätze zur Verfügung.

Die Sammelmappe Bewegen.Genießen.Erholen mit allen 19 Themenwegen erhalten Sie in den Tourismusbüros des Schilcherlandes und bei den Betrieben der Region Eibiswald-Wies.


What the weather will be like

Eibiswald (382m)

5 km/h
10 km/h
10 km/h
Rainfall will end around noon, then the clouds will break up.
5 km/h
15 km/h
5 km/h
Sunny in the early morning, but soon clouds will gather and will lead to light rain towards evening.
1°C 13°C
-2°C 11°C
-3°C 14°C

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