Hiking route Big St. Stefan Round Walk - Touren-Impression #1 | © Schilcherland Steiermark Hiking route Big St. Stefan Round Walk - Touren-Impression #1 | © Schilcherland Steiermark

Big St. Stefan Round Walk

The big round around St. Stefan

On this circular route you will experience the uniqueness of the St. Stefan area. The pleasure mile invites you to stop for a bite to eat. The perfect combination of exercise and enjoyment.

A very special hike awaits you. You start your round in the centre of St. Stefan ob Stainz. The municipality is the largest wine-growing community in Western Styria. And where wine grows, pleasure is not far away. In addition to the uniquely beautiful wine-growing landscape, countless delicacies await you to spoil yourself.

But no pain, no gain. You can hike the 12-kilometre circuit with 240 metres of altitude gain in about four hours.

In this time there is a lot for you to experience. The hike takes you along the Lemsitzbach stream and the wonderful natural landscape it flows through. You have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the area in the middle of the vineyards while having a snack.

A visit to the Celtic Tree Circle will give you spiritual energy not only for your hike, but also far beyond, and at the Genussmeile, where you can enjoy a glass of Schilcher and a snack, you will know that you have arrived in one of the most beautiful regions of Austria.

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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
12,7 km
4:00 h
350 hm
350 hm
605 m
Highest point
340 m
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Plan your journey via Google Maps to the starting point of the tour: www.google.at/maps

From the north: Motorway Munich - Salzburg - Eben - Schladming - Liezen onto the A9 towards Graz. Exit at Lieboch and follow the B76 towards Deutschlandsberg/Stainz. A9 is subject to toll - Gleinalmtunnel. Alternative: At St. Michael take the S6 towards Bruck and in Bruck take the S35 towards Graz. On the B76 in Schlieb turn right to St. Stefan ob Stainz until the next crossroads, here turn left after approx. 1.5km the car park is on the left.

From the west: In Villach take the A2 towards Klagenfurt. Take the Steinberg exit and drive in the direction of Stainz. In the village of St. Stefan ob Stainz turn left at the Stiegler Haus crossroads and after 50m you will find the car park on the right-hand side.

From the east: A2: Vienna - Aspang - Hartberg - Fürstenfeld - Graz. From Graz continue on the A2 in the direction of Klagenfurt and take the Lieboch exit in the direction of Stainz/Deutschlandsberg/Eibiswald. Follow the B76 to Deutschlandsberg/Stainz. On the B76 in Schlieb turn right to St. Stefan ob Stainz until the next crossroads, here turn left after approx. 1.5km the car park is on the left.

From the south: A 1 from Marburg to Leibnitz. Exit in Leibnitz (Gralla) and continue on the B74 in the direction of Deutschlandsberg, take the second exit at the roundabout in Preding, after approx. 2km turn right onto the L617 in the direction of Stainz. In Stainz, drive through the town centre in the direction of Graz, and at the Spar-Markt crossroads turn left into St. Stefan. In the village of St. Stefan in the 30 km zone on the priority road at the church, cross the intersection and after 50 m you will have reached the car park on the right-hand side.

This circular hike along the hiking trail marked S1 starts in the centre of the wine-growing village of St. Stefan. After you have sufficiently fortified yourself in one of the businesses in the village and also packed a snack for a romantic break in the vineyards, you start on the road in the direction of Gundersdorf.

At the Hecher car dealership, turn off in the direction of Lestein. After a few metres, leave the road and turn onto a forest path. Now you have arrived in the wonderful nature around St. Stefan.

Enjoy the murmur of the Lemsitzbach stream and stroll leisurely along the path that runs alongside the stream. Inspired by the pleasant sound along the stream, your mouth already starts to water when you think of the legendary Gundersdorf Genussmeile and the delicacies that await you there.

When you reach the bridge, turn onto the right-hand road. Now walk at a brisk pace up the Zachbach stream to the Hubertus Chapel. As the name suggests, this is a chapel for the hunters of the region. It is beautifully restored and a perfect place for a short rest and a snack.

After you've had your fill, it pays to leave the path for a moment and visit the Celtic Tree Circle, 200 metres away. Here, everyone finds the tree associated with their date of birth. It is known from tradition, especially from Celtic times, that each of these trees can be assigned birth dates. The Celts lived in close connection with nature and in accordance with the cycle of the seasons. The druids knew and revered the trees that offered them protection. Their knowledge was well founded. The connection between date of birth, to which a certain tree is assigned, and character is also based on ancient Celtic lore. Enjoy the moment and leave everyday life behind you for a moment. Here you can gather energy for your further tasks and take the strength with you into your everyday life.

Back at the chapel, turn right over a steep section of the path until you reach the main road and the Gundersdorf volunteer fire brigade there. From here you can devote yourself to enjoyment. You have arrived at the Genussmeile with its numerous wine taverns and restaurants. Taste the delicacies of the region. The refreshing Schilcher gives you new strength, and a beetle bean salad with kernel oil is a speciality that will remain unforgotten. Take some of the green gold of Styria or a bottle of wine home with you.

With renewed strength, you hike on and come to another chapel. Here you have the option of taking a shortcut, should it have been too cosy in the Buschenschank and it has become a little late. You save yourself an hour and 15 minutes. Just continue straight on via Assing.

But if you want the full experience of the hike, turn left here. Walk up to Assingberg via the vineyard. Especially in autumn, the vineyard offers you an unforgettable play of colours. You should take a break here and let nature take its effect on you.

Once you have reached the top, continue your hike through a forest to Hochstraßen and then on to Windhagen. On the way, you will realise that the ascent over the vineyard was worth it, because you have a wonderful view over the Kainach valley, the Gleinalm and the Graz mountains. Take out your mobile phone or camera and capture this view for your hiking photo album to remember it often.

After leaving Windhagen, the trail runs under the motorway bridge with its huge supporting pillars through flowering meadows and fields until you meet the trail marker S5. This is where the descent into the Zirknitzgraben begins. The ditch is characterised by its little-used natural landscape. Try to slow down and enjoy the authentic surroundings.

The trail climbs one last time through a forest to the so-called Puxhof, which is named after a former noble family. The last part of the trail runs along meadow paths down to St. Stefan.

Conclude your culinary tour in a dignified manner: Enjoy a glass of wine or a juice from the region. You can be proud of yourself - a hopefully successful hiking day is drawing to a close.

Celtic Tree Circle: The connection between date of birth, to which a certain tree is assigned, and character is based on ancient Celtic lore.
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Schilcherland car park opposite the St. Stefan ob Stainz school centre. 
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St. Stefan ob Stainz (401m)

slightly cloudy
5 km/h
5 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
Sunny and cloudy periods will alternate throughout the day.
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
5 km/h
very sunny
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Early clouds will clear to leave the region with a dry and sunny day.
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