Hiking route Hiking Trail No. 4 Steinbach-Sernauberg-Gamlitzberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Gamlitz Hiking route Hiking Trail No. 4 Steinbach-Sernauberg-Gamlitzberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Gamlitz

Hiking Trail No. 4 Steinbach-Sernauberg-Gamlitzberg

The Sernauberg is yet another hidden jewel in South Styria's Wine Country. An insider's tip indeed! But one that we are very happy to share with you.
This is also true for the beautiful and panoramic hiking trail. The trail leads you through meadows, forests and vineyards past many excellent establishments where you can quench your thirst and hunger. And we have other surprises in store for you! At the same time we invite you to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the South Styrian hill country.

Many information boards along the path tell about animal and plant species on the Sernauberg, its geology, about old, today strange seeming customs of its inhabitants and interesting facts about wine. Furthermore, there are 5 trail variants to get to know the Sernauberg even better. These are also ideal for walking, hiking and running tours.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
11,7 km
3:30 h
230 hm
230 hm
506 m
Highest point
278 m
Lowest point

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Von Graz kommend über die A9, danach die Ausfahrt Vogau/Straß nehmen. Rechts halten und B69 bis nach Gamlitz folgen. Detaillierte Informationen finden Sie hier.

From the parking lot/logistics hall along the Steinbach - further uphill the Sernauberg - past meadows, forests, vineyards, excellent farms and viewpoints. From various thematic panels you learn a lot of interesting facts about the Sernauberg, up to the highest point on the Wurzenberg. The loop closes in the direction of Gamlitz down to the Steinbach along to the starting point.
A short stop at the Knappenhof and experience the alpacas of southern Styria up close! 
ÖBB www.oebb.at or Verbundlinie Steiermark www.busbahnbim.at

The "Weinmobil" taxi system takes you anywhere in the South Styrian Wine Road area, from and to any destination you may wish (whether a restaurant, wine tavern or lodging). - Info: www.weinmobil.at

Ohne Zeitlimit und gratis beim Bahnhof in Spielfeld parken. Parkplatz

Einkehrmöglichkeiten in Gamlitz:

Gamlitzerhof, Tel.: +43 664/5808 000, 8462 Gamlitz, Marktplatz 40, www.gamlitzerhof.at

Jägerwirt, Tel.: +43 3453/2682, 8462 Gamlitz, Marktplatz 38, www.jaegerwirt-gamlitz.at

Schloss Gamlitz, Tel.: +43 3453/2363, 8462 Gamlitz, Eckberger Weinstraße 32, www.schlossgamlitz.com

ZAP, Tel.: +43 3453/21266, 8462 Gamlitz, Marktplatz 37 

Landgasthof Wratschko, Tel.: +43 3453/2647, 8462 Gamlitz, Marktplatz 9, www.wratschko.at

Pizzeria Fartek, Tel.: +43 664/1593 631, 8462 Gamlitz, Untere Hauptstraße 390

Hotel - Restaurant Weinlandhof, Tel.: +43 3453/2584, Untere Hauptstraße 15, www.weinlandhof.at

Einkehrmöglichkeiten unterwegs:

Sattlerhof – Genießerhotel – Weingut & Restaurant, Tel.: +43 3453/4454, 8462 Gamlitz, Sernau 2, www.sattlerhof.at

Hotel Villa Rosa, Tel.: +43 3453/3737, 8462 Gamlitz, Sernau 8, www.hotel-villa-rosa.at

Weingut Buschenschank Dietrich, Tel.: +43 664/5039 323, 8462 Gamlitz, Sernau 13, www.weingut-dietrich.at

Weingut Buschenschank Adam-Schererkogl, Tel.: +43 3453/3830, 8462 Gamlitz, Steinbach 53, www.adam-schererkogl.at

Kilgers Jaglhof, Tel.: +43 3454/6675, 8462 Gamlitz, Sernau 25, www.jaglhof.at

Weingut am Weg:


Assigal Knappenhof

Riegelnegg Karl

Riegelnegg Olwitschhof

Söll Frucht Tinnauer

Weingut Jakob Strauß Riegelnegg

Strauß Gustav Schnabl

Selbstbedienung am Weg


Tourismusbüro Gamlitz, Tel.: +43 5/7730 210, 8462 Gamlitz, Marktplatz 41.

Tourismusverband Südsteiermark, Tel.:  +43 5/7730, 8530 Deutschlandsberg, Hauptplatz 40, www.suedsteiermark.com


What the weather will be like

Gamlitz (281m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
Starting mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain. Sunny spells developing towards evening.
5 km/h
5 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
Early clouds will gradually clear to leave the region with a dry and sunny day.
very sunny
15°C 24°C
very sunny
15°C 23°C
very sunny
15°C 24°C

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