Führung durch den Garten | © Lukashof Genussmanufaktur
Unser Hofladen | © Lukashof Genussmanufaktur
Hausgemachte köstliche Sirupe | © Lukashof Genussmanufaktur
Unser Rosencafé | © Lukashof Genussmanufaktur

Lukashof - Von der Wiese auf den Teller


About the offer

You love nature and would like to find out interesting facts about herbs and their folklore uses. Come to us at the Lukashof. Experience a piece of untouched nature with all your senses. The scent of the roses, the crackling of the grass underfoot and the chirping of the crickets let time stand still for a moment. Learn interesting facts about herbs and their use from our TEH practitioner. In our organically managed meadows and fields, our herbs, blossoms and orchards are harvested by hand, sorted and then processed into these wonderful products in our pleasure factory with a lot of love. 100% pure nature, without any preservatives.

Included services:
Welcome drink with rose syrup
Guided tour with our TEH practitioner
4 gourmet bites or a DIY 2nd skin lotion for you

Duration: 90 minutes

on Tuesdays (tour and DIY 2nd skin) or wednesday ("Von der Wiese auf den Teller), Time: 10.00 am

Meeting point:
Lukashof pleasure manufacture
Grafendorf 11
8510 Stainz

About the serviceprovider

As a member of the show organic farms, the Lukashof Genussmanufaktur has set itself the goal of giving interested people an insight into organic farming. Wild herb hill, mustard, oxymels, salt, herb and oil extracts, tinctures, TEH show garden. With the trained nature and landscape mediator Dagmar and her team, you will experience the diverse flora and fauna on the orchards and rose fields up close.

If you book a Genusscard-Tour, you will get four appetizers after the tour around our TEH show garden. This tour is on wednesdays at 10 am.

We have another tour with Dagmar and her team. They will show you the wild herbs around the TEH show garden. After this interesting tour, you will make a 2nd-skin-lotion, which can be taken home. This tour is on tuesday from 10 am to 12 am.

Please make an advance notification by email or phone for each tour.

Thanks to the many years of natural cultivation of the meadows and fields, specialists are also enthusiastic about the biodiversity that has been able to develop here again.

Date and time

  • 15 May - 15 October 2023
  • Thursday - Starting at 11:00 o'clock
    Saturday - Starting at 11:00 o'clock

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