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Hofladen by Jasmin.Louis - Verkostung "Ambiente"


About the offer

With the tasteful and chill "Hofladen by Jasmin.Louis", the fruit and wine growing family Kiefer has realized a long-cherished dream.
This farm store is a meeting place and hub for people of good taste. Here you can find products from their own production as well as specialties from friendly farms.

Tasting "Ambiente" for 6 - 12 persons:

Your palate will make ears! Get to know the fine wines, fine spirits, bitters & liqueurs at this tasting and indulge in the equally fine live music of the hosts Jasmin.Louis. Informations about the musicians: www.jasminlouis.com

Included Services:
3 wine tastings
3-6 brandy/liqueur tastings
3 juice tastings
Apple ketchup, apple chutney
Musical entertainment

Time: 18.30

Duration: 2 hours

Meeting place:
Obst- und Weinbau Kiefer
Oberlatein 8
8552 Eibiswald

Date and time

  • 15/11/2021 - 23/12/2023
  • Monday - Starting at 18:30 o'clock
    Tuesday - Starting at 18:30 o'clock
    Wednesday - Starting at 18:30 o'clock
    Thursday - Starting at 18:30 o'clock
    Friday - Starting at 18:30 o'clock
    Saturday - Starting at 18:30 o'clock

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