From Reiteralm to Pichl on trail n° 772 | © Erlebnisregion Schladming-Dachstein From Reiteralm to Pichl on trail n° 772 | © Erlebnisregion Schladming-Dachstein

From Reiteralm to Pichl

Downhill hike from Pichl's local mountain Reiteralm to the village of Pichl.

Beautiful hike through forest and some meadows from Reiteralm to Pichl alon the trail #772. You start at Reiteralmsee lake and the way down to Preuneggtal valley is made up of hiking trails and parts of the route along forestry road. Once you reach Almdorf Reiteralm there are some parts along Reiteralmstraße and Preuneggstraße roads you need to walk along to get to the valley at swimming lake Pichl. While walking downhill you enjoy great views of the Ramsau plateau with the Dachstein massif and into the Ennstal valley.



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Level of difficulty
7,4 km
2:30 h
0 hm
972 hm
1741 m
Highest point
765 m
Lowest point

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Exit from federal highway B320 in Pichl and continue on Preuneggstraße road to the valley terminal of Preunegg-Jet. From here take the cable-car Preunegg Jet to Reiteralm (operating times at

You can also ascend to Reiteralm by car via Reiteralmstraße toll road (turning off right at the valley terminal of Preunegg-Jet cable-car).

From the mountain terminal of Preunegg-Jet you start your hike passing by Gasselhöh'-Hütte and Reiteralmhütte chalets. Shortly walk along Reiteralmstraße road and after a few 100 meteres turn off left on trail n° 772. Alternatively reach this turn-off via the "Summer Snow Walk".

Via alpine meadows and through forest you start your descent to the valley on trail n° 772 towards Almdorf Reiteralm and Almwelt Austria. While descending you cross forest roads several times and also walk across Reiteralmstraße 3 times until you reach Almdorf Reiteralm.

Passing by Almdorf Reiteralm on Reiteralmstraße road you then turn off left and take the trail through the forest which takes you again to Reiteralmstraße road a bit further downhill. From here you follow the road and in a couple of minutes you will reach the valley terminal of Preunegg-Jet cable-car.

Further on to Pichl

If you want to keep on hiking you can extend your hike to the village of Pichl in the valley. Follow the Preuneggstraße road towards North - passing by Bankwirt Inn. In the hairpin turn off right and hike down the hiking trail until you reach Preuneggstraße road again. Take the road for a couple of meters and turn-off right again after the next hairpin. From here the trail descends into the gorge of Preuneggbach creek and takes you to Weitgasserhof farm on the valley floor.

Now it is definitely time for some refreshment - either straight ahead at Café Hermann or to the left, where you reach Freizeitstüberl at the swimming lake in Pichl.

Park your car at the valley terminal of Preunegg-Jet cable-car and take the cable-car to Reiteralm. From there take trail n° 772 back to the valley terminal.

Take the bus from Ramsau via Pichl-Vorberg to the valley terminal of Preunegg-Jet (only Tuesday, Friday and Sunday). 

Ride up to Reiteralm with the cable-car Preunegg-Jet (operating times at

Parking lots:

  • Parking at Gasselhöh'-Hütte chalet
  • Parking at Reiteralm Hütte chalet
  • Parking at Eiskarhütte chalet
  • Parking at the valley terminal of Preunegg-Jet cable-car and ascent with the cable-car (operating times at .

Tourist information:

Information about bus schedules:

Information about cable-car hours:


What the weather will be like

Schladming (740m)

0 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Fair in the early morning, later variable with frequent showers.
11°C 23°C
11°C 23°C
-999°C 999°C

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