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Trans Nationalpark Et 01 (Steyr-Reichramming)

Start full of contrasts:

From one of Austria's most beautiful historic towns through the lonely Reichraminger Hintergebirge mountains to the tranquil village of Reichraming.

E-Mobility Steyr-Historischer Stadtplatz-an der Enns via Garsten, Dürnbach,Trenber to BHF Trattenbach-Kiesberg-Schneegraben-Geißhanslhütte-Weißenbachl-Dirnbach-Reichraming

Coming from the north, Steyr is, so to speak, the last bastion of urbanity before the lonely primeval worlds of the Kalkalpen and Gesäuse National Parks. And what a bastion it is! The beautiful old town makes it hard to say goodbye, but what follows is no less beautiful: an idyllic hilly landscape with rural hamlets takes you along the Enns to the Reichraminger Hintergebirge. It suddenly gets lonely - it is not for nothing that the mountains are considered the largest closed, practically uninhabited forest area in Austria. Uphill and downhill forest roads lead you through the mountains to Reichraming.



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Level of difficulty
51,7 km
6:45 h
1217 hm
1167 hm
966 m
Highest point
288 m
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von Linz A1/ Abfahrt Enns West / 43 km

von Wien A1 / Abfahrt Haag / 183 km

von Salzburg A1 / Abfahrt Sattledt / 138 km

von Graz A9 / Abfahrt St. Pankraz / 190 km

von Passau A3(Wels) + A1(Enns West) / 144 km

von München über Salzburg / 260 km

München-Flughafenüber über Passau / 296 km

The Trans National Park starts at the e-bike rental shop "E-Mobility" not far from the historic main square of Steyr. When you are in front of the shop, keep to the right and cycle along the Altstadtgasse to the Hauptplatz. Now go straight across the beautiful Hauptplatz to the gate at the opposite end of the square. Pass through the right-hand side gate, immediately turn right downhill and follow the road sharply to the left for a few metres until you reach the Enns. Before you reach the river, turn right onto the Enns cycle path and follow it along the Enns for quite a while until you reach a wooden bridge. Cross it to the left, continue straight ahead along the small road (ignore the cycle path signs "R7") and briefly turn left uphill until you reach a larger road. Follow this to the right until you reach another road. Now turn left and continue to the Enns (the last part of your route did not run directly along the Enns), which you continue to follow along its right bank to the hamlet of Sand. At a road junction, the first sidekick "Damberg-Schwarzberg-Runde" branches off to the left across the Enns. The main route of the Trans National Park, however, follows the right-hand road further along the Enns to Ternberg and - without changing banks - straight on to Trattenbach.

Here you leave the Enns cycle path (this would branch off to the left in Trattenbach) and ride straight uphill along the small road through the valley to the upper part of Trattenbach. Turn left onto a small asphalt road and ride uphill for a while (if in doubt, always choose the uphill or larger road). Soon after the signpost "Hubertuskapelle", the small asphalt road becomes a forest road. Continue uphill along the forest road (a short section leads downhill once) - always follow the forest road that is officially open for cyclists.

After a while you reach a wide saddle called "In den Mösern". Now take the right-hand forest road, follow it uphill for a short while and soon descend in serpentines for about 400 m (always following the only approved forest road) until you reach the meadow-lined valley of the Schneegraben. Through the valley you reach another idyllic fork in the forest road at a small hut. Turn left through the gentle valley along pastures, choosing the left branch at a fork, and continue quite steeply uphill past the Geißhanslhütte (hunting lodge) to the saddle of the Geißhanslniedern.

Now you have made the last ascent of this stage and from now on it is all downhill: the southern slope in serpentines over the forest road downhill to the Weißenbachgraben and further along the little stream to an asphalt road with a transverse asphalt road. Turn left there and follow it into the centre of Reichraming, your stage destination.

A few inns and cider taverns between Steyr and Trattenbach (beware of opening times!), after that no more refreshment stops until Reichraming.


Attention: This stage is one of the two longest of the entire Trans National Park. If you are travelling with an E MTB, then use your battery carefully and do not ride at the highest level even with a 625 Wh battery. Or you can use one of the charging stations in Ternberg.

Ternberg: E-charging station municipal office - Ternberg car park, Kirchenplatz 12Ternberg: E-charging station Schulstraße 2

Chargeable parking at the Ennskai.

For a stay of more than 3 hours, we recommend the Stadtplatzgarage at Dukartstr. 1A.

It is recommended to contact the Trail Info & Booking Centre before booking.


Steyr Tourist Office and the National Park Region

Stadtplatz 27, 4400 Steyr

Info office: Reichraming

Tel.: +43 7252 53229-40


What the weather will be like

Mariazell (860m)

5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Sunny in the morning, but increasingly cloudy during the day. Showers will be possible towards evening.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Unsettled weather throughout the day with showers now and then.
9°C 18°C
9°C 19°C
10°C 19°C

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