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3 Lakes Tour: Bodensee, Hüttensee and Obersee

Romantic hut path with steep access
On no other hike in the Schladminger Tauern you can experience the exclusive magic of this water-rich primeval landscape more intensively than here in the Hans-Wödl-Hütte area. No less than three mountain lakes lie on different levels along the path of this tour. These are joined by two rushing waterfalls, which are among the most impressive in the Schladming-Dachstein region. The nature trail is framed by wild primary rock mountains, especially the steeply rising high game site.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
8,0 km
4:30 h
537 hm
538 hm
1681 m
Highest point
1143 m
Lowest point

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main road (B320) until Ruperting or Aich/Gössenberg - follow the toll roads until Steirischer Bodensee
The tour starts from the parking lot at the Seewigtal Stüberl/Styrian Lake Constance. An almost flat alpine road takes us to the Gasthof Forellenhof in a few minutes' walk. We march along the western shore of the Styrian Lake Constance and enjoy the view of the lake rich in fish to the waterfall below the Hans-Wödl-Hut. At the material ropeway the path now becomes steeper and steeper up to the waterfall. The closer we get to the rushing water, the louder it gets. A small detour brings us very close to the action. After the waterfall, we continue on the stone slabs that have been laboriously piled up to form a staircase up to the hut. After the partly quite high steps we reach a green hill after 1.5 hours, where the Hans-Wödl-Hütte (1,533 m) welcomes us with friendly and competent hospitality. The host of the hut is a hunter and mountain guide, therefore an ideal contact person for many questions. Behind the hut, the path leads slightly downhill along the western shore of the hut lake. Through bushes and alder bushes the path leads after the first lake over a grassy terrain step up to the second lake, the Obersee. From the top right the spray of the Schleier waterfall dusts down on us. Only a few steps and we have reached the shore of the dreamy Obersee. Back we go on the already known way.
Enjoy the wonderful natural spectacle, when the sunrays make the waterfall glitter and shine!

between end of May and mid October: Planaibus (Line: Schladming - Haus - Steirischer Bodensee)

Otherwise no arrival with public transport possible.

parking area Steirischer Bodensee/Seewigtal

TV Haus-Aich-Gössenberg - www.haus.at

Safety information

Safety on the mountainside: changes in the weather, sudden fall in temperature, thunder storms, wind, fog and snow fields are all objective dangers and require the correct behaviour whilst underway. the landlords of the huts are all very knowledgeable about the mountains and can give you good tips about the weather and the routes. Insufficient equipment, exaggerated opinion of ones capabilities, frivolousness, poor health condition and a false evaluation of the situation can lead to a critical situation. In thunder storms: summits, crest-sites and safety rope aids are to be avoided.

If something should happen call following emergency numbers:
No. 140 - the number for all Alpine Emergencies in all of Austria
No. 112 - European emergency call GSM emergency-call-service


What the weather will be like

Mariazell (860m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Mostly cloudy with sunny spells, rainshowers mainly in the afternoon and evening.
10 km/h
15 km/h
10 km/h
Rain and rain showers will end around noon. Dry with a chance of sunny spells afterwards.
1°C 11°C
-2°C 5°C
-4°C 2°C
Spiegelsee Reiteralm | © photo-austria / Christine Höflehner

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