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St. Ruprecht E-bike Pleasure & High Altitude Tour


E-bike tour starting from St. Ruprecht an der Raab along beautiful ridges, always with the Schöckl in view, past numerous places worth seeing and excursion destinations such as the Siegerlturm Alpacas & Goats, Hohenkogl Alpacas, Weizer sheep farmers, etc. and through beautiful apple orchards.

There is a lot on offer along this e-bike tour around St. Ruprecht an der Raab: Apart from the unique view, numerous pleasure stations await you on this circular tour along the ridges around St. Ruprecht an der Raab, through Mitterdorf and Greith! Destinations around alpacas (Siegerlturm Alpacas & Goats and Hohenkogl Alpacas) and sheep (Weizer Schafbauern) invite you to take a break, as do numerous sights (Breitegg Church, Spitalkreuz, Baroque Church of St. Ruprecht, Friedensgrotte) and gastronomic stops.

The e-bike tour starting from St. Ruprecht an der Raab is not specially signposted or marked on a map, but can only be ridden with an app. There are some steep sections and once you have to cross the main road. Please drive carefully in some places and it is not suitable for small children.


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The market town of St.Ruprecht is located in Eastern Styria and is very easy to reach via the A2 motorway from Vienna (approx. 2 hours) and Graz (approx. 30 minutes).                                   

Arrival from Vienna and from Graz: On the A2 from Vienna and from Graz, take motorway exit 161 / Gleisdorf West in the direction of B54/B64. Follow the B65 / Gleisdorf federal road until you reach the B54 / Wechselbundesstraße. At the roundabout take the second exit to the B64 / Rechberg-Bundesstraße. After about 6 km turn left to St. Ruprecht an der Raab.

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  •  We start the tour at the Garten-Hotel Ochensberger or in the centre of St. Ruprecht an der Raab at the main square and head towards Spar Markt and Locker & Légere into Parkstraße. Pass the Marktheurigen Strobl and at the roundabout immediately next to the park in St. Ruprecht take the WZ9 Freiberg cycle path in the direction of Kindergarten and Winterdorf - Fünfing.
  • We follow this and leave the village of St. Ruprecht an der Raab. Soon the first climb awaits us in the direction of Golfclub Freiberg - however, we do not cycle in the direction of Golfclub Gut Freiberg, but leave the WZ9 Freiberg cycle path to cycle straight ahead on the Sparbelgraben path in the direction of Wolfgruben.
  • We only stay straight for a short while, because as soon as we come out of the forest we turn right towards Siegerlturm (also staying on Wolfgruben). After this first ascent we have reached the ridge and we now cycle leisurely on past beautiful farmhouses and apple orchards.
  • At the next fork in the road, we keep half left in a northerly direction, past the Bloder fruit tree nursery - which, by the way, is known for its unique "red apple juice" - and continue very briefly uphill to the Siegerlturm. There you have a unique 360-degree panoramic view of Schöckl, Kulm and, if the visibility is good, even Riegersburg Castle.
  • The Siegerlturm is a small chapel and invites you to take your first break. But if you prefer to take a longer break - go just a few metres further to the Siegerlturm Alpacas & Goats. There we taste goat cheese and other dairy products, visit the small but fine farm shop with products related to alpacas and goats and marvel at the cuddly animals in the pasture.
  • We continue north through a shady forest for a short while. At the next junction we keep to the right (not in the direction of Weiterstauden, but in the direction of Mitterdorf). Always following the ridge and with the Schöckl in view, we continue straight ahead with a unique panorama.
  • We cycle along the Forst-Ehrenbergweg, leave it straight ahead to cycle along the Buchegg-Weg and the Schöcklblickstraße. Soon we come to the next refreshment stop - the heurigen "Zur Bretterhütte". Strengthened, we continue on the Schöcklblickstraße through Haselbach, past the FF Haselbach, via Dörfl towards Mitterdorf.
  • Enjoy the beautiful view and the quiet rural area with its so typical, beautifully maintained family homes and farms. Just before the federal road, please take care - we turn right onto the Mühlweg to reach the federal road B72 (Weizer Bundesstraße) after a short descent.
  • We take a very short right turn onto this road and only follow it for about 300 metres before immediately turning left again onto a road with little traffic in the direction of Hohenkogl. Please be especially careful at this point!
  • We are now in the Radling and Tiefenwegen district of Mitterdorf and follow the Radlingweg straight on towards Oberdorf. We pass the "Scherbauerhof" of the Bloder family, which is known in the region for its delicious bakeries.
  • At this point, just after the Scherbauer, we should definitely make a short detour to the Hohenkogl Alpacas. There we find numerous products related to alpacas and visit the funny animals on their pasture. If you have more time, you can also take a walk with the alpacas, but please only if you book in advance!
  • We continue cycling along the Schmalzgrabenweg very steeply down towards Oberdorf. Please drive particularly carefully at this point! Passing settlements again, a nice self-service place invites you for another rest on the left hand side.
  • Continue straight ahead past pretty houses until you cross a stream and pass a sawmill. Here we come to a crossroads. Here we turn left onto the Oberdorf Weg and ride briefly in the direction of Bärentalweg.
  • If you want to do a longer tour, you can cycle here in Oberdorf onto the Raabtalradweg R11 via Bärntal to Weiz. This makes for a wonderful longer tour through the district capital of Weiz!
  • After about 300 metres we turn right towards Oberdorf and Obergreith. Always following the road towards Obergreith, we have a very ambitious and very steep road ahead of us. Here our e-bike is briefly challenged. We continue straight ahead along the Obergreith road until we arrive at the Weizer Schafbauern, another culinary highlight along the tour.
  • You should definitely plan some time there: visit the adventure and show dairy and take part in an adventure tour around the topics of lamb and sheep products. Here you will learn everything important about the miracle animal sheep in five stations - an exciting and informative programme all about lamb and sheep and of course you can also buy all sheep products and other regional treasures in the large shop. We have now completed about 2/3 of the tour.
  • After the Weizer Schafbauern we head towards the Weizer Bundesstraße B72, cross it and continue straight on towards Untergreith - Breitegg. We comfortably follow the Untergreith road straight ahead. Here, too, we cycle along a ridge with great views and through rural countryside. Look out for vineyards and orchards!
  • Soon we come to the district of Poschitz where the Buschenschank Gansrieglhof should definitely not be missed - a good snack and excellent wine await us! If the Gansrieglhof is closed (please check the website for opening hours) or if you are more in the mood for a warm meal - stop a few metres later at the cosy Gasthaus Schabernack - Glatz. Especially recommended in good weather due to the cosy guest garden in the meadow with a unique view!
  • Strengthened, you now walk the last few kilometres past the Breitegger church - which is also well worth seeing. Now the last few kilometres are just a leisurely walk along the Breitegger Kreuzweg straight ahead towards St. Ruprecht an der Raab.
  • We always have the baroque church of St. Ruprecht an der Raab in view and continue straight ahead, past the hospital cross, until we arrive back at the main square of St. Ruprecht an der Raab.

ATTENTION: the tour is not signposted or marked on a cycle map - can only be ridden with an app or a road map. There are some steep sections and once you have to cross the main road. Please be careful in some places and it is not suitable for small children.

If you want to do a longer tour, you can cycle from Oberdorf to the Raabtalradweg R11 via Bärntal to Weiz. This makes for a wonderful longer tour through the district capital of Weiz!

St. Ruprecht is easily accessible by train and has its own station. To Graz main station - direction Gleisdorf - change - S-BAHN to Weiz. On foot you can reach the centre in 10 min: Walk straight ahead through the avenue (Bahnhofstraße) until you reach the crossroads. Turn right there and follow Hauptstraße towards Hauptplatz.

Timetables and travel information can be found directly at:

Mobile in Eastern Styria with SAM shared taxi (Sam takes you to your hiking starting point and back again. Attention: For driving on Sunday, pre-order by Saturday evening).

There are several parking spaces available on the main square in St. Ruprecht. Alternatively, about 150 m away, past the Hotel Locker & Legere and the Marktheurigen Strobl, there are numerous parking spaces at the large park in the middle of St. Ruprecht an der Raab.

Eastern Styria Tourist Board | Office St. Ruprecht an der Raab
Lower Main Street 181
8181 St. Ruprecht an der Raab
Tel. +43 664 2353414

You can find more information about cycling in St. Ruprecht an der Raab and Weiz here.


What the weather will be like

St. Ruprecht an der Raab (379m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Snowfall again and again. The strongest snowfall will occur around noon.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
The day will be dry, but mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells.
0°C 3°C
2°C 3°C
2°C 6°C

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