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Klugbauer-Hahnhofhütte circular route

Circular trail via Klugbauer and Hahnhofhütte.

Even the legendary Hotel Klugbauer as a starting point is an experience. The half-ruined Dornermühle mill and the idyllic alpine landscape of the Reinischkogel also await you.

Leave your car at the car park of the Naturhotel Klugbauer and start your circular hike amidst the unique landscape of the Reinischkogel. You are at 1059 metres above sea level. Here the air is already clearer and fresher. The romantic hotel is built in Swiss chalet style and offers nature-loving guests everything their hearts desire. Highland cattle graze here and you have the opportunity to test how free from giddiness you are in two high ropes courses.

Dreamy forest paths and the refreshing Falleggbach stream await you on the five-kilometre circuit. A special highlight is the Dornermühle. Here we feel transported back to a bygone era when grain was still laboriously turned into flour with the help of the power of the water.

The Hahnhofhütte is also worth a stop. In addition to the good cuisine, children will find a playground here and hikers can relax on the sunbathing lawn. The loop ends back at Hotel Klugbauer.

Signposting: 61, 65



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Level of difficulty
5,0 km
1:30 h
100 hm
100 hm
1076 m
Highest point
975 m
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Plan your journey via Google Maps to the starting point of the tour:

From the north: Motorway Munich - Salzburg - Eben - Schladming - Liezen onto the A9 towards Graz. Exit at Lieboch and follow the B76 towards Deutschlandsberg/Stainz. A9 is subject to toll - Gleinalmtunnel. Alternative: At St. Michael take the S6 towards Bruck and in Bruck take the S35 towards Graz. On the B76 in Schlieb turn right to St. Stefan ob Stainz until the next crossroads, here turn left through the village centre and follow the signs to Reinischkogel GH Klugbauer.

From the west: In Villach take the A2 towards Klagenfurt. In the village of St. Stefan ob Stainz, turn right at the Stiegler Haus crossroads, follow the priority signs through the village centre and follow the Reinischkogel GH Klugbauer signs.

From the east: A2: Vienna - Aspang - Hartberg - Fürstenfeld - Graz. From Graz continue on the A2 in the direction of Klagenfurt and take the Lieboch exit in the direction of Stainz/Deutschlandsberg/Eibiswald. Follow the B76 to Deutschlandsberg/Stainz. On the B76 in Schlieb turn right to St. Stefan ob Stainz until the next crossroads, here turn left through the village centre and follow the signs to Reinischkogel GH Klugbauer.

From the south: A1 from Marburg to Leibnitz. Exit in Leibnitz (Gralla) and continue on the B74 in the direction of Deutschlandsberg, take the second exit at the roundabout in Preding, after approx. 2km turn right onto the L617 in the direction of Stainz. In Stainz, drive through the town centre in the direction of Graz, and at the Spar-Markt crossroads turn left into St. Stefan. In St. Stefan, stay on the priority road in the 30 km zone, through the town centre and follow the signs to Reinischkogel GH Klugbauer.

After strengthening yourself at the Klugbauer and taking a look at the outdoor area with its numerous attractions, start out in full freshness on a hike in a unique natural landscape. Forget everyday life and enjoy the fresh air of the Reinischkogel high above St. Stefan ob Stainz.

You start in a northerly direction and follow the 61 mark. Soon you come to the Dornermühle. It has been somewhat damaged by the ravages of time, but it is a wonderful photo motif. You can find mills of this kind throughout western Styria, where flour was once produced for the bakers with the help of water power. On the Falleggbach stream you will also find the Spori mill.

The flat relaxing forest trail is easy for everyone. Here, children also have plenty of opportunities to let their imagination run wild in nature. After the stream crossing, the gravelled forest road climbs slightly to the Red Cross. The 4.3-metre-high wayside cross with its board-covered roof and ray-shaped back wall shines in rust red from afar, hence its name.

The circular walk is five kilometres long and takes about one hour and forty-five minutes.

From here, the trail continues slightly downhill to the right. You could take the opportunity to walk barefoot the rest of the way in the forest. When was the last time you did that? The fresh forest floor on your skin offers a wonderful massage and you will remember it for a long time.

At the point where you leave the forest, you come to a fork in two long-distance trails. However, you stay on the path you have taken and walk along an avenue of trees to the Reinischhof. This is an old farmstead of the Maltese Forestry Administration.

The path continues through a short stretch of forest before you reach the Hahnhofhütte. Here you have the opportunity to take a break. Enjoy the good cuisine. For the children there is much to discover on the playground and you can relax on the sunbathing lawn after a snack before the loop closes again.

At the car park below the inn, we turn into the forest path, walk downhill and cross the Falleggbach stream again. Here you should once again observe the animals at and in the water. Because soon you will come across the access road to the Klugbauer inn. Don't forget to take a few photos of the highland cattle grazing here.

Use the time to review the round in your mind. It is a special spot of western Styria that you have hiked through today.

Dornermühle: Along the babbling Falleggbach stream you pass two mills. The half-ruined Dornermühle mill and the Sporimühle mill offer themselves as photo motifs.
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Parking directly at the Gasthof - Hotel Klugbauer. 
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What the weather will be like

Mariazell (860m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Light snowfall in the early morning, but most of the day will be dry.
10 km/h
15 km/h
15 km/h
Fairly sunny with scattered clouds during the day, but snowfall will start towards evening.
-1°C 3°C
-1°C 5°C
-1°C 3°C

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