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Hiking with snowshoes in the 

snow in the region of graz

Winter hiking and snowshoeing in unspoilt nature are popular winter sports. And that's not surprising, considering that all of these activities are perfect to relax and unwind. Try them and see for yourself! For instance...

On the trail of winter – with winter boots or snowshoes

Winter hiking means experiencing wonderful hours and exercise on marked, secure trails in winter boots or mountain boots and appropriate clothing. However, with snowshoes – plate-sized equipment you strap onto your feet (and which are, of course, available for rental) – you can walk across snow-covered slopes and fields without sinking. 

As with ski touring, safety is, of course, particularly important; that means observing nature and assessing the conditions. Most of the winter hikes recommended here are safe from avalanches and offer unique winter mountain experiences with relatively modest elevation gains to overcome.   


At Salzstiegl or Hebalmsee


Rent a pair of snowshoes (Sport Feimuth) and hike through snow-covered landscapes! and don't forget to drop by at one of the region's nountain huts for some splendid views ans delicious local treats – simply delightful!  

On the alp in the region

Around Stubalm, Plankogel, Gaberl, Altes Almhaus, Rappold and Speikkogel you can enjoy wonderful high-altitude hikes. Idyllic winter landscapes, breathtaking mountain panoramas and rustic hospitality are also on offer.

At schöckl, the capital city's landmark and fitness mountain

The Schöckl can easily be eached with the Schöckl cable car from St. Radegund and is a great choice for snowshoeing. 


Head off – recharge with or without snowshoes

on tour!

These hikes are beautiful in the summer, but are a real experience – and perhaps even a challenge for some – in the winter. They are not dangerous in somewhat normal weather and snow conditions and can be easily overcome in normal conditions. As impressive an experience as a winter tour may be, the best part is the feeling of having done it and then sharing a drink with your hiking buddies in the hut.


to discover

There is still a lot to discover and experience in the winter wonderland of the Graz region: Christmas markets in an atmospheric setting, cosy hours in the thermal spa, fast-paced skiing and tobogganing slopes, culinary delicacies that not only warm the heart...