Cross-country skiing | © TV Region Graz | Tom Lamm Cross-country skiing | © TV Region Graz | Tom Lamm
Enjoyment of exercise and pure nature

Cross-skiing in the region of graz

Exercise out in fresh winter air, surrounded by stunning nature – for instance during cross-country skiing – is good for your body and soul. Older locals might remember the winter when the city centre of Graz turned into one big cross-country ski trail.

However, lovers of the Nordic sport usually head to the Lipizzanerheimat and Steirische Rucksackdörfer regions in the west for their dose of cross-country bliss.

Here are the cross-country skiing trails

Cross-country skiing trails are diligently groomed here

The prerequisite for an enjoyable cross-country skiing experience is a well-maintained trail. There are easier trails for beginners or those who prefer a more leisurely pace, but there are also sporty challenges for experienced skiers and, of course, extra skating trails.
Apropos beginners: Cross-country skiing is only fun when you use the right technique. A course is always worth it; some expert tips and guidance are certainly very helpful. 


to dicover

There is still a lot to discover and experience in the winter wonderland of the Graz region: Christmas markets in an atmospheric setting, cosy hours in the thermal spa, fast-paced skiing and tobogganing slopes, culinary delicacies that not only warm the heart...