Styrian summer: Too beautiful to stay only for a short while.

The very, very, very big break: As the summer vacation is often described. It’s true! It takes time to recover. Styria offers refreshing summer holiday options between high alpine mountains, fertile vineyards and exciting cities, between healthy thermal water and crystal-clear lakes. It's just too beautiful to stay only a short while.


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Written by:
Ute Hödl

Nature & Movement

Cows graze on the pastures, everywhere in the north alpine rose and edelweiss are blooming. In the south, green vineyards, pumpkin fields, corn fields and orchard dominate.

For all of you hungry for action, the two main figureheads in hiking and cycling, the hiking route "From the Glacier to Wine", as well as the "Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour", can be booked, walked and traversed with pre-arranged packages and mobility solutions, and the stories that are to be told along the way are included, from the mighty Dachstein to the best winemakers and wine taverns in the south.

Hiking route "From the Glacier to Wine". The northern route: 548 km, 35 stages from the Dachstein to Bad Radkersburg in the thermal springs country of Styria. Southern route: 376 km, 25 stages from the Dachstein to Leibnitz in southern Styria

"Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour". Around 400 km, the 8 stages run in a circuit to Graz, Hartberg, Bad Radkersburg, Leibnitz and Deutschlandsberg through idyllic landscapes of vineyards - all kinds of culinary attractions, cultural attractions and attractions simply due to their natural beauty invite you to enjoyable stopovers.

Moreover, the lakes of Ausseerland provide a welcome refreshment. Schladming-Dachstein offers cool relief when hiking with 1,000 springs, 300 mountain lakes, 100 waterfalls and the "Gipfelbad anno dazumal" on the Riesneralm. The Gesäuse established itself as a veritable base camp for mountaineers and whitewater conquerors with workshops and practical training.

Regeneration & Wellness

The traditional Styrian medicine (TSM) from Bad Waltersdorf in the thermal springs country of Styria uses the sources of power in the region. The basis for this is the healing effect of, for example, apples, pumpkin seed oil, herbs, bog soil and hay flowers from the region. These are in addition to of course Styrian thermal water, which has been demonstrated to reduce stress.

In Ausseerland, salt of course forms the basis of a healthy holiday.

Culture in the city & country

Listen to modern lyric poetry in the show garden. Bask in classical music under a million stars. Stroll in the footsteps of great poets. Styria spans the strings and invites you to "cultural enjoyment outdoors" in the area of ​​culture in the city and country. Concerts, classical and contemporary festivals, readings, street theatre and an incomparable density of museums – in short a refreshing mixture of high and folk culture invites you to enjoy art between May and September: from styriarte to the Hartberger Summer of Literature, from Styrian Summer Art to La Strada. And the excursion culture: this of course has its high season between the Stübing open-air museum and Herberstein Zoo, between the Basilica of Mariazell and the Lipizzaner stud farm in Piber, between Riegersburg, Erzberg, Schlossberg and Dachstein, just to name only a few beauties.

Food & Drink

The mushrooms are sprouting in the woods, the berries in the garden, and they are worked into delicious mushroom and dessert dishes, such as on the menus of 165 Kulinarium Steiermark establishments. Just as natural as the rich selection of fish from amur to zander, but above all, of course, the char.

Everyone is sitting outside: whether in a shaded garden in the city, in a cabin or in a wine tavern. Everyone enjoys themselves late into the night.

Events (a small selection)

It is high season: On the one hand, the motors at the Red Bull Ring in the Murtal are humming (from the Grand Prix to the DTM to the MotoGP) as well as at classic car races like the Ennstal Classic. On the other hand, it's festival time. Whether the classical music festival styriarte in Graz, brass music festival MidEurope in Schladming, La Strada street art festival in Graz or the music festival in Spielberg. When it comes to culinary delights, the "long tables" are set up in Graz and on the wine road.

Pictures say more than a thousand words

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