Regeneration and wellness in Styria

Relaxation, stimulation and peace seekers will find the right offer in the green heart of Austria. Styria has developed into THE health and wellness destination of Austria in recent years.


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Written by:
Julia Maierhofer, BA

The green heart is home to no less than nine thermal springs, which are positioned very differently. Select wellness and health hotels as well as various offline holiday operations between Bad Aussee and Bad Radkersburg emphasise a sense of well-being.

"Green Power of Styria" - the happiness formula for your own ego

Wellness, self-focus, regeneration and fitness. Terms that describe new ways to inner balance and quality of life in the green heart of Austria as the "green power of Styria". The secret behind the Styrian happiness formula: the green power of Styria = natural experiences + encounters with the green power of Styrian companions.

Everyday life is increasingly determined by requirements and obligations. Time to stop, to breathe and to reflect on your own desires and needs. The best environment for this is between wine country, thermal springs country and Vulkanland, nature parks and the Dachstein and in the nature of things. The ways to recharge your batteries away from conventional feel-good trends are as varied as the Styrian landscapes themselves. "Learn from nature in nature" is the motto. More information about the new lead product can be found at:ünkraft

Wealth of Thermal Springs in Styria

Nine thermal springs, whose origins lie in the vain search for crude oil. In 1972 on the basis of a geological expert, there was disappointment for the first time in the area around Loipersdorf: hot water was found at a depth of 1,100 metres instead of the expected "black gold". The regional authorities, however, kept their cool and first bathing attempts in the mineral-containing spring promised only good things to come. Conclusion: The first thermal spring was built.

The southernmost thermal spring location in Styria, Bad Radkersburg, holds the most curative springs in Austria. They strengthen and regenerate the musculoskeletal system. Bad Gleichenberg, one of the oldest thermal springs resorts in Styria, can look back on 170 years of tradition and today can boast the most modern spa hotel in Austria as well as a new thermal spring area. The Thermal Springs Loipersdorf is one of Europe's largest ensembles of thermal springs. They manage to meet all of the needs of all family members: with a fun park, baby beach for the little ones and Schaffelbad for the adults. Rogner Bad Blumau stands for sensuality of a special kind. Friedensreich Hundertwasser merged nature and architecture into a symbiosis here, which is the icing on the cake for the hotel, bathing and sauna landscape. The Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf does well with innovative treatments in line with the specially developed "traditional Styrian medicine". An absolute hit for the children is the H2O Hotel Thermal Springs Resort. Technical refinement allows you to dive into another world at the Thermal Springs Nova Köflach : the light, tropical forest and indoor lap pool leave nothing to be desired. The latest thermal springs projects can be found in the north of Styria. The Aqualux Thermal Springs in Fohnsdorf attract visitors with a children's area and relaxation lounge. The youngest Styrian thermal spring is the Grimming Thermal Spring in Bad Mitterndorf.

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