Ahornsee | © TVB Haus-Aich-Gössenberg Ahornsee | © TVB Haus-Aich-Gössenberg

Lakes: Ahorn- und Grafenbergsee

A charming tour to attractive lakes amid limestone mountains and secluded alpine pastures.
The Ahornsee is considered an insider tip among hiking friends. The quiet lake lies romantically in a narrow valley surrounded by high rock faces. Although no summit is reached on this tour, the hike still entices with its scenic attractions. The ascent from the Kneipp facility in Weißenbach is relatively long. This deters many people, wrongly so. The tour is pleasantly quiet and in any case worthwhile.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
15,9 km
7:00 h
1062 hm
1062 hm
1783 m
Highest point
743 m
Lowest point

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Ennstalbundesstraße (B320) to Weißenbach - from there to the crossing Sonnberg - large parking area
From the parking lot at the Sonnberg crossroads we walk along the forest path towards the Kneipp facility. At first the path is flat, following the small Gradenbach stream until we reach the hunting lodge (899 m) to the somewhat hidden Gradenbach waterfall. Behind the hut we take trail no. 668 up a wooded steep step. The steep path is partly secured with wire ropes. After the steep section the path leads into a romantic high valley. A small stream has to be crossed several times. After about 2.5 hours the Ahornsee is reached. On the shore there is a small hut, in front of it you can sit down and relax. If you still have energy left, you can climb further up to the Grafenbergsee (approx. 30 min.). Also the Grafenbergalm (1.783 m) is reachable in a total of one hour from the Ahornsee. The descent is again through the romantic high valley to the starting point at the Kneipp facility in Weißenbach.
Insider tip: At the end of the Gradenbachtal you can find the Gradenbach waterfall - a beautiful nature spectacle and on the green meadows of the Grafenbergalm we enjoy a great variety of alpine flowers. 
Arrival by public transport is possible up to Haus im Ennstal or maximum Weißenbach.
parking area Sonnberg/Kneipp facility

TV Haus-Aich-Gössenberg - www.haus.at

Safety information
Safety on the mountainside: changes in the weather, sudden fall in temperature, thunder storms, wind, fog and snow fields are all objective dangers and require the correct behaviour whilst underway. The landlords of the huts are all very knowledgeable about the mountains and can give you good tips about the weather and the routes. Insufficient equipment, exaggerated opinion of ones capabilities, frivolousness, poor health condition and a false evaluation of the situation can lead to a critical situation. In thunder storms: summits, crest-sites and safety rope aids are to be avoided.

If something should happen call following emergency numbers:
No. 140 - the number for all Alpine Emergencies in all of Austria
No. 112 - European emergency call GSM emergency-call-service


What the weather will be like

Haus im Ennstal (758m)

4 km/h
8 km/h
6 km/h
Dull throughout the day with light snowfall every once in a while.
4 km/h
8 km/h
5 km/h
First thick clouds and maybe light snowfall, then sunny spells in the afternoon.
-9°C 0°C
-5°C 0°C
-7°C 0°C

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