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From hut to hut in the National park Gesäuse Stage 02 Mödlingerhütte - Heßhütte

Mödlingerhütte - Heßhütte

Oases in the middle of steep walls: Via the famous mountaineering village Johnsbach into the "heart of the Gseis", the Hesshütte at the foot of the highest peak, the Hochtor.

Of course there is always an easier way on every mountain. With more than 500 km of hiking trails and one of the highest densities of mountain huts in the Eastern Alps, nothing stands in the way of a hiking experience lasting several days in the only Styrian National Park. The whole Gesäuse in one go is best experienced on the Gesäuse Hut Tour. From hut to hut and even completely flexible (no fixed places to stay overnight, numerous variations and completely mobile without your own car), the alpine Gesäuse is more beautiful than ever to hike.


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13,2 km
5:05 h
950 hm
770 hm
1704 m
Highest point
754 m
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With your own car:

A9 Phyrn motorway to exit Ardning/Admont and from there past Frauenberg, approx. 10 km after Admont.

By train: The following train stations are at your disposal: Liezen train station (continue with bus 910 to Admont), Weißenbach - St. Gallen train station (from here take bus 912 to Admont).

By plane: The following international airports can be recommended for arrival by plane - Vienna, Linz and Graz. Arrival Shuttle Service Brings you to the starting point of your trail journey and back to the ideal train station or airport at the end of the tour.

The Trail Info & Booking Centre will be happy to organise this shuttle service.

From the Mödlingerhütte you go eastwards down the hiking path to the mountain climbers' village of Johnsbach: the hiking path crosses the forest road several times, runs a small stretch along it until it branches off again to the left, becoming steeper and steeper.Arrived in the valley you reach the Gasthaus Donner opposite the tragically famous Johnsbacher Bergsteigerfriedhof. This cemetery is 5 walking minutes away from the parking lot at the Gasthof zum Donner and is definitely worth a visit. 200 years ago, the first victim of an accident in the Gesaeuse Mountains was buried here. Numerous historical gravestones tell the tragic story of many young mountaineers who died in an accident in the Gesaeuse Mountains. This cemetery, Austria's largest mountaineers' cemetery, has achieved sad fame and radiates peaceful tranquillity in an idyllic landscape.Continue past Gasthof Donner, 500m along the asphalted road until you turn right at the sharp ascending left turn and hike along the shadow side path along the Johnsbach stream to Kölblwirt. The hiking trail to the Hesshütte (1.699m) starts 50m after the Kölblwirt. Here you first pass the waterfall on the left in the meadow. In the forest you then go up the so-called "Zach´n Schuach", a steep gravel path. After about 20 minutes the trail flattens out and changes character into a leisurely hike through woods, alpine pastures and larch woods. At Gamsbrunn (turn-off to Sulzkarhund) past the Hesshütte (1.699m) and thus the day's destination is soon in sight - it is located under the rock faces of the Hochtorgruppe
It is recommended to contact the Trail Info & Booking Centre before booking.

Offers at: bookyourtrail.com



Parking is available at the respective starting points of the trail tour (Attention: parking possibilities are very limited in Johnsbach). Most of the parking spaces are free of charge and not supervised! The return transport will bring you back to your car.

Tip: Please place a note in your car with a note that you are on the Gesäuse Hut Trail (including the date of your return and telephone number) - the mountain rescue service will thank you!




What the weather will be like

Admont (635m)

5 km/h
10 km/h
0 km/h
The day starts sunny, but will be partly cloudy in the afternoon.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Sunny and cloudy periods will alternate throughout the day.
16°C 27°C
15°C 28°C
15°C 28°C

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