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Castles Tour

On this tour we are accompanied by impressive castles and palaces, which invite you to visit or stop for a bite to eat. A few kilometers away from the Red Bull Ring we already find the ruins of Fohnsdorf Castle. From there we already have a view of our next destination the city tower Judenburg as well as the castle Liechtenstein, Frauenburg Unzmarkt. At the border to Carinthia we see the castle Dürnstein on the left side and continue to the castle town Friesach with its own castle building project. On our continuation we have the opportunity to visit the unique museum of dance of death. We continue to St. Lamprecht with the Benedictine monastery and beautiful monastery garden. Back we drive towards Teufenbach where we already see the castle of the same name, one of the oldest still inhabited castles in Styria. We drive to Oberwölz and look at the Rothenfels Castle, which has kept its original appearance until today. A few kilometers back we drive over the winding Lachtal with a view on the left side to the Gellsee to Oberzeiring. After the turnoff towards Pöls we see on the right side the Hochgericht vom Birkachwald near Unterzeiring, from which the gallows are still clearly visible today.
Only a few kilometers after our start we find the ruins of Fohnsdorf and we have a wonderful view of the entire Aichfeld and continue to the former trading town of Judenburg. There is the landmark of the city tower of the historic city. Today the tower houses the most modern planetarium in Europe and offers spectacular dome projections at a height of 50 m. Furthermore, we find Liechtenstein Castle directly in Judenburg. We continue to Unzmarkt where we find the Frauenburg on the other side of the Mur. It is curvy over the Neumarkter Sattel to Neumarkt, where we can drive up to Forchtenstein Castle directly in the village. At the border with Carinthia, Dürnstein Castle awaits us and we drive a few kilometers further to the castle town of Friesach with its 3 historic castles and our own castle building project. Near Friesach is the Totentanzmuseum, the only surviving frescoes of a monumental death dance from the 15th century in Austria. We drive to St. Lamprecht with its beautiful landscape and the Benedictine monastery and beautiful monastery garden. We head back towards Teufenbach where we can already see the Alt-Teufenbach castle of the same name, one of the oldest still inhabited castles in Styria. We turn off in Oberzeiring and make a short detour and stop at the entrance to Oberwölz and look at Rothenfels Castle, which has retained its original image to this day. A few kilometers back we drive over the winding Lachtal with a view on the left to the Gellsee to Oberzeiring. After the junction towards Pöls, we see the Hochgericht vom Birkachwald near Unterzeiring on the right, of which the gallows is still clearly visible today.


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175,9 km
2:30 h
1960 hm
1960 hm
1329 m
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629 m
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Coming from the west:


Take the Spielberg exit and follow the signs to Red Bull Ring.

Coming from the east:


Kreuz St. Michael follow the S36 in the direction of Kärnten.

Take the Spielberg exit and follow the signs to Red Bull Ring.

Spielberg - Fohnsdorf – Oberkurzheim – Oberzeiring – Lachtal – Niederwölz – Teufenbach – St. Lambrecht – Metnitz – Friesach – Dürnstein – Neumarkt – Perchauer Sattel – Scheifling – St. Georgen ob Judenburg – Judenburg - Spielberg
Castle building project Friesach - here a castle is built by hand as it was in the old days - definitely worth a stop. Here we can experience how a castle is built without any tools. The process of building without the aid of modern equipment. Only through the traditional craftsmanship of those involved, supported by powerful Noriker horses, a castle complex with two towers, palas, curtain walls and chapel emerges in a construction period of around 40 years.
The starting point can be reached by train from Knittelfeld and Judenburg and by bus.
Parking is free of charge in the parking lot in front of the Red Bull Ring. During major events, separate parking facilities are provided for motorcycles arriving at the event.


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Dry and bright with plenty of sunshine, clouds will be rare.
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The day starts sunny, but will be partly cloudy in the afternoon.
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