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Scuba academy - diving school Grundlsee


Due to its drinking water quality, the Grundlsee is known for its usually excellent visibility far beyond the borders of Austria!

school Grundlsee is also located here!In total there are 6 diving zones at Grundlsee Diving

zone 1 - Canyons: Approx. 1 km after the former inn "Post" there is a gravelled parking lot on the left side below Villa Anna. In the area of 5 to 10 meters depth the canyons begin, which reach to great depths.

Diving zone 2 - Dalkhe: About 300 m after the surfing place (bus stop) in the direction of Gössl there is a green area and a small parking lot next to the road. The entry point into the lake is next to a hedge of Villa Dahlke. Directly at the entry point there is a sunken raft at a depth of 5 meters.

Diving zone 3 - Zimitzbach: There is a parking lot after the Ladner Inn at km 9.0. Change of clothes and entry point at the forester's huts next to the Zimitzbach. Here you can find numerous fish down to a depth of 30 meters as well as many sunken trees. Attention. Spawning protection closure from 15.9. to 31.12!

Diving zone 4 - Gössler bay: At km 13.0 you will find the entry point right next to a small parking lot. Not far from the entrance a rock begins at 7 meters depth, which reaches down to 19 meters. On this rock there is a dome that can accommodate 5 divers. Below the rock, various craters form a "moonscape", from which sporadic springs bubble.

Dive Zone 5 - Rusty Anchor: The most famous dive site near the inn "Rostiger Anker" with 5 training platforms. Diving zone 6 - Bathing beach: South of the inn "Rostiger Anker" there is a bathing place from where you can dive into the interesting estuary of the Toplitzbach and the Stimitzbach. Our diving Night and ice diving prohibited!

Except guided tours ONLY by the diving school operators Scuba Academy!


Tauchschule Grundlsee - Scuba Acydemy
Markus Zandl
Freizeitzentrum in Gößl
8993 Grundlsee
Moile +43 664 515 11 79

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Grundlsee (717m)

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Considerable cloudiness with light snowfall starting before noon.
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Mostly cloudy, but dry at daybreak. Soon snowfall will start.
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