Josef Zotter in seinem Tiergarten | © Rautenstrauch Josef Zotter in seinem Tiergarten | © Rautenstrauch

Öko-Essbar Zotter's Essbarer Tiergarten


The chocolate shop theatre grows into the grounds: all visitors are invited to relax in the Edible Zoo and reflect on species-appropriate animal husbandry.

Looking food in the eye

Shaggy cattle and woolly pigs, quails and pigeons, catfish and tench, donkeys and goats, bees and griffon vultures populate in peaceful harmony a 27-hectare property - directly connected to the Schoko-Laden theatre in Riegersburg - that is nothing less than a piece of paradise on earth. All the animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner, which is what it's all about according to Zotter, although the why's and wherefore's and why's are actually superfluous here. It is about experiencing and being part of wholeness.

The entire zoo is energy self-sufficient, there are earth barns, all buildings are greened, all food scraps and wooden cutlery are composted. A modern lesson for all of us, but spiced with typical zotter humour. You play farmer's golf with rubber boots, wander through the graveyard of ideas; a concert stage at the pigsty or hanging forest gardens beckon. There is no other way to put it: Zotter at his best!

With the Edible Zoo, Josef Zotter wants to show that plants and animals are not products but living beings. And as such they want to be treated with love and respect. So he invites all his visitors to the eco-eating bar in the zoo to enjoy what grows here. Here, it's all about species-appropriate animal husbandry and holistic and sustainable management.

A total of around 85 hectares of organic farming (27 hectares directly at the manufactory) are cultivated with many endangered breeds of farm animals - and all of this is energy self-sufficient and a closed eco-cycle.

The organic farming experience invites you to animal fun and relaxation. Afterwards, the hammocks in the pig forest invite you to hang out, the flying fox gives you wings and the slack line course requires a lot of skill. 99 talking birdhouses tell funny stories.

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