Adventure Park Gröbming

Gröbminger Land

Climbing at the biggest park in Austria

In the center of the Schladming Dachstein region, directly on the toll-free Stoderzinken road, is the largest climbing park in Austria.

Set in the forest at the foot of Stoderzinken mountain, just outside the small town of Gröbming, new challenges await in courage and skill withexciting tasks and lots of fun for the whole family!

Be ready for a fun filled day!

There are 22 different courses for different levels of  ability. The yourses are made up of various cable and bridge constructions, that lead from 2 to 15 meters high. Using skills of climbing, balancing and sliding, make your way around the various courses built high in the tress. With over 200 stations and elements to be discovered, the choice is almost limitless!

After collection of the equipment, you will receive a detailed induction and complete a test circuit, with an instructor on hand to answer questions. You are then ready to explore the park independently. The special, easy to use safety system ensures continual safety backup and our simple symbols displayed mean you can never get lost. 


Stoderstraße 114

8962 Gröbming