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FB6 Hügeltour Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark

Up and down. The hill tour is one of a total of 14 forest and meadow tours in the Feldbach region in the thermal and volcanic country of Styria.


Starting from the shopping town of Feldbach, you travel the region north and south of the Raab Valley. You can refresh your feet afterwards in the river landscape Raab. The Vulkanland is a slightly hilly region. Sitting on the bike, the gentle hills become an exciting challenge. The tour crosses the Raab Valley twice, leads to Gnas and via Riegersburg up to Markt Hartmannsdorf. Numerous inns and Buschenschänken line this tour. The 1,229 meters of elevation gain over 74 kilometers
testify to the varied landscape.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
73,7 km
5:55 h
946 hm
946 hm
464 m
Highest point
277 m
Lowest point

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Coming from Graz:
 Freeway A2 direction Vienna - exit Gleisdorf Süd - direction Feldbach B68

 Coming from Vienna:
 Freeway A2 direction Graz - exit Ilz/ Fürstenfeld - direction Riegersburg B66 to Feldbach



KM Route 

0 Feldbach main square (town hall)

0,3 straight ahead in Bürgergasse

0.5 straight on until you cross the small Raab bridge

0,6 turn right at Bahnhofstraße

1,1 follow the road to the right

2,6 turn left into Raabau

3,1 go straight ahead

4,0 go straight on in Schützing, in 400m go straight on again

6,4 turn right (hilltop Bergl) onto B66

8,5 go straight ahead

9,8 straight ahead at crossroads before Riegersburg 

12,6 straight ahead at gas station on B66 to Walkersdorf 

17,4 turn left in Walkersdorf

19,5 straight ahead in Ottendorf

22,4 go straight on in Oed

24,5 go straight on in Markt Harmannsdorf

24,9 turn left towards Eichkögl

25,1 straight on up the hill

27,7 turn right

28,0 turn left

28,5 turn left again 

30,0 straight on in Eichkögl (Klein Mariazell)

31,4 turn left and after 100m turn right

31,9 go straight ahead

32,5 turn right (Poitschen) - then a very steep downhill!

33,8 straight ahead

34,7 turn right into Studenzen

35,3 turn left

36.1 turn left

36,7 turn right uphill

37,2 go straight on (Kirchberg -Kuppe in the village area)

37,6 straight on downhill

38,3 straight on in Hof

39,9 Go straight ahead

40,8 straight ahead (steep climb!)

41,6 turn left on hilltop

41,8 turn right

43,4 straight on after descent, turn left after 500m

45,6 turn left into Lichendorf

51.2 turn right before Paldau

52.2 straight ahead at hilltop or Lamberg chapel 

55,7 straight ahead towards Kohlberg

57.9 turn left in Obergnas

59,6 turn right

60,9 left in Gnas - before the church

61,2 go straight ahead

63,2 left at Katzendorf traffic circle

64.4 straight ahead in Maierdorf

66,2 straight ahead to Kinsdorf

66,9 left follow the road in Hirsdorf

69,4 straight ahead on hilltop

71.6 straight ahead (Oedt-Siedlung)

73.0 turn right at Billa in Feldbach, after 100m turn left into Ungarstraße

74.0 Feldbach town hall

The tour can also be shortened via the Raabtalradweg R11. From Studenzen to Feldbach, the tour can thus be divided into two tours.

Detailed information about arriving by ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) can be found at  www.oebb.at or on the Verbundlinie Steiermark website  www.busbahnbim.at


With Verbundlinie’s BusBahnBim route planner app, planning your journey has never been easier: simply enter towns and/or addresses, stop names or points of interest to check all bus, train and tram connections in Austria. The app is available free of charge for smartphones – on Google Play and in the App Store


There are sufficient parking spaces available.

 Parking in the area of the city center:
 The parking time is 2 hours. Parking in the shopping city of Feldbach is free of charge. A parking meter must be used and is available free of charge at the tourist office.


P+R at Feldbach train station (no short-term parking zone). There are numerous parking spaces available.



Tourismusverband Thermen- & Vulkanland
Gästeinfo Feldbach
Hauptplatz 1, 8330 Feldbach

E-Mail: christine.neuhold@thermen-vulkanland.at
Web: www.thermen-vulkanland.at  


Mo-Fr von 9-12 und 13-16 Uhr
Foyer von 6-22 Uhr





What the weather will be like

Feldbach (283m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
5 km/h
5 km/h
10 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
5°C 21°C
7°C 22°C
7°C 17°C
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