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Vielfalt Kräutergarten Wechselland: Tagesprogramm


About the offer

Group day programme in Eastern Styria - the garden of Austria:

"Variety of life in the Wechselland

Historical guided tour of Friedberg

Guided tours through the small town of Friedberg with its medieval town centre, with one of the most beautiful enclosed main squares in Styria, individually tailored. Guided tours through the historic town to find out: Where exactly did the Eichberg Tower stand? Where can you find medieval traces? What did the castle look like? Where exactly did the town gates stand? What does Friedberg have to do with England?


  • Guided tour short: 1-2h approx. 1,5 km 5-15 persons € 30,00
  • Guided tour medium: 2 -3h approx. 2,0 km 5-15 persons € 60,00
  • Guided tour long: 3-5h approx. 4,5 km 5-15 persons € 90,00

You can find the details here.
Guided tours of Friedberg - Municipality of Friedberg Guided tours take place all year round on request!

Thonet Museum

In the Thonet exhibition you will find more than 80 exhibits that can only be seen here: among them the world exhibition table from 1851 or the only Lichtenstein chair that is in a private collection as well as the legendary Postsparkasse chair by Otto Wagner and beautifully shaped pieces by the Viennese Secessionists.

The Thonet factory in Friedberg was closed in 2006 and subsequently sold.

Admission Thonet Museum: € 5.00/person


At the Hotel-Restaurant Schwarzer Adler in Friedberg. +43 3339 22 - please contact the restaurant directly for reservations (and note the weekly opening times).


Visit to the STEIERMARK SCHAU with wildlife, castle and gardens in Herberstein.
Group admission: € 16.50 /person

Price Information
Price subject to change. (Reduction for children, etc.)
Price does not include lunch.

Date and Time - 29 April - 05 November 2023 - daily - start 09:00

Date and time

  • 29 April - 05 November 2023
  • Daily - Starting at 09:00 o'clock

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