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Welcome to the Days of Baroque Music in the Pöllau Castle near Hartberg!

Summer courses and concerts in the Pöllau Castle near Hartberg from August 8th to 13th, 2023.

Diversity and Abundance - Musical Languages ​​in the European Baroque

We are very fortunate to have access to a rich musical heritage. As digitalization progressed, not only did our access to sheet music, but also to sources about music, become much easier, and it enables us to gain ever more and deeper insights into musical worlds that were perhaps completely or partially unknown to us before. Our beautiful task is now to develop and maintain a differentiated perception. Where, how and why could a flourishing music culture develop? What have musical influences, "imports" or "transports" caused? What individual stylistic features and special characteristics can we identify? We want to pursue all of these questions during the 28th Days of Early Music in Pöllau - in lessons, at lectures and concerts - with each course having its own focus and repertoire recommendations determined by the course leader or lecturer. These will be visible on the lecturers' pages from the beginning of February. We look forward to the associated challenges!
Konstanze Rieckh

At the Pöllauer Early Music Days, which take place in the beautiful setting of the former Augustinian monastery, both students of early music and suitably trained lovers are welcome. The Summer Academy 2023 includes courses for recorder, transverse flute, baroque violin/baroque viola, baroque cello, viola da gamba as well as harpsichord and basso continuo.

Claire Genewein (traverso flute), August 8 - 13
Elisabeth Wiesbauer (baroque violin, baroque viola), August 7 - 11
Claire Pottinger-Schmidt (viola da gamba/baroque cello), August 8 - 13
 Rahel Stoellger (recorder), August 8 - 13
Konstanze Rieckh (harpsichord and figured bass), August 8 - 13
Dimitri Bondarenko (Baroque Organ Workshop), 9. - 11.8.

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Tuesday, 08 August 2023 - Sunday, 13 August 2023
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Pöllau - Schloss Pöllau


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