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From pumpkin seed oil to schnapps;                                                                from gingerbread to Murtal cheese

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If you're visiting our region, you mustn't neglect to try our remarkable specialities, and maybe even take some back home with you. The region offers a number of extraordinary products that can only be found in this form here.

For example: Murtaler Steirerkäse (Styrian cheese)Kühbrein-Most (cider)Seckauer Lebkuchen (gingerbread)Murtaler Kürbiskernöl (pumpkin seed oil)Thalheimer beers and juices or numerous products made using Swiss stone pine (from "Zirbenschnaps" to syrup). The Murtal promises very special treats.

Find out here about our range of specialities and where you can get them. You'll also encounter most of these local products at our culinary establishments, which conjure up typical regional dishes of the finest quality to go on their menus.

An appetising treat

Murtaler Steirerkäse

Murtaler Steirerkäse (Murtal Styrian cheese) is very typical in our region and distinguishes the region's range of culinary offers in a variety of ways!

Murtaler Steirerkäse is a hard cheese, originally produced by many farms for their own use. The cheese is made from matured lean quark produced in-house for the purpose, and is seasoned with spices (caraway seeds, salt, pepper); cooking salt and milk are also added. All this gives Murtaler Steirerkäse its typical hearty, savoury flavour.

This snacking cheese is a traditional regional speciality, and is not to be missed on any "Brettljause" (platter of cold cuts). Murtaler Steirerkäse is particularly delicious on a slice of bread baked in a wood oven.

There's a very good reason why the region has been the "Mecca for Murtaler Steirerkäse" for 10 years!

A tip – also delicious served warm!

Sweet temptation

seckauer lebkuchen

Lebkuchen (gingerbread) enjoys a place in the region's traditions all year round. Since time immemorial, Lebkuchen has been carried by pilgrims for sustenance on their long journeys. This sweet temptation is produced throughout the year. Make some time to enter a world of almonds, nuts, honey, cinnamon and chocolate.

No visit to Seckau is complete without a visit to the Konditorei Regner confectionery, the ancestral home of Lebkuchen. Not only at Christmas time does the aroma of cinnamon and sugar linger in the air. You'll be astonished at how much choice there is of gingerbread varieties.

An intoxicating treat

a fine drop of...

Numerous exquisite drinks are produced in the Murtal: Kühbrein-Most (must) and cider are made from the region's old apple tree varieties, while over in Thalheim they make their own beer from the mineral water there.

There are plenty of farmers who distill very special schnapps and liqueurs; fine schnapps are even distilled in the cellars of Seckau Abbey. These are available to purchase at the abbey shop, or you can attend a distilling lesson at the abbey to learn the tradition. The Murtal is also famous for the "Zirbe" (Swiss stone pine) ‒ whether in the form of "Zirbenschnaps", "Zirben-Gin" or even "Zirben-Bier". A region of its own has now devoted itself to the Swiss stone pine, so you will now find many other products derived from the pine tree ‒ not just the high-proof drinks!

Make the most of the chance to enjoy a fine drop or two at our gastronomic establishments, or visit the producers themselves for an on-site tasting session.

The "Black Gold"

pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil from Styria, also called "green gold" or "black gold", is not just a taste sensation. It is also packed with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Its high antioxidant content and unsaturated fatty acids are testament to the fact that it is a good oil. Locally farmed pumpkin seeds are processed by our regional companies, so you can be sure that you are getting an authentic pumpkin seed oil from the heart of Green Styria.

Where can I get real pumpkin seed oil from farmers?

You can get pumpkin seed oils made by our producers from our farm shops, small regional businesses, and sometimes from the producers themselves.

The scent of pine in the air


Did you know that Swiss stone pine can lower your heart rate and thus ensure a more relaxed, deeper sleep? Have you ever drunk Swiss stone pine? Eaten it? If not, it's high time you did!

Swiss stone pine is made for enjoying. In the Murtal, you can taste, smell and feel this miracle of nature. Some regional providers have specialised in the pine wonder. How about a crisp Prosecco with syrup as an aperitif? Or Swiss stone pine jelly as a delicatessen to go with cheese? As a dessert, you can indulge in sweet, chocolatey temptation. What would a meal on an alpine meadow be without a pine schnapps to wash it down? But Swiss stone pine isn't just a delight for the palate, it also does body and soul good too.

You can get these popular products from lots of different providers in the region. 


locals and hosts reveal their favourite recipes!

Produced with passion

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