our mission statement

In the Murtal, you can live in the slow lane... or the fast lane. On the one hand, a legendary mountain realm invites you to relax; extensive cycling trails give your soul free rein; crystal-clear mountain lakes offer a break from everyday life.

And on the other, the Murtal also gets your adrenalin pumping: thrilling motor races; exciting driving experiences at the Red Bull Ring; and cool MTB routes for a powerhouse adventure.

The Murtal offers a great holiday for the whole family. Mums can unwind at the spa, while dads can pursue their love of motorsport. Over 100 family treasures put a smile on children's faces; there's never a dull moment. Grandmas and grandpas can enjoy the peace of the alpine meadows and breathe in the beauty of nature.

Because in the Murtal you can feel your heart beat ‒ somewhere between slowing down and speeding up.

the region Murtal

20 municipalities make the Murtal incomparable. Relax at the spa in Fohnsdorf. Discover endless hiking opportunites in Gaal, Hohentauern, Pusterwald and Obdach. Travel back into long-forgotten times and set off on the trail of history in Judenburg, Knittelfeld, Pölstal and Unzmarkt-Frauenburg. Admire the mighty abbey in Seckau and enjoy the rush of speed in Spielberg. Float through the air in Zeltweg. Be enchanted in St. Georgen ob Judenburg and meet cute walking companions in St. Peter ob Judenburg and Weißkirchen. Explore the unspoiled scenery around Kobenz, Lobmingtal, Pöls-Oberkurzheim, St. Marein-Feistritz and St. Margarethen bei Knittelfeld.

In the Murtal, small and medium-sized businesses look forward to your custom. Large hotel complexes and mass tourism are nowhere to be found here; instead, individuality and specially tailored offers and services are on the programme.

our Vision

We want to put the Murtal on the map in guests' minds. We want our visitors to see the many faces of this wonderful region. The Murtal shouldn't just be about exciting races and roaring engines; it should embody emotion and beating hearts with lots of fantastic experiences. We love it when our guests learn to love this region and its versatility just as much as we do.


  • Open up new markets
  • Regional branding
  • Instill in people the desire to come back to the region
  • Collaborate with other tourist regions
  • Continue to boost appreciation of tourism in our region

our target group

Our target groups are families that want to experience moments of anticipation and a thrill in their hearts. The chance to slow down and speed up together should give guests all the variety they need.

our positioning

The Region Murtal is a region where you can slow down or speed up. Put your foot down in the driving experiences, feel the rush of adrenalin on the MTB routes, and storm the mountains ‒ there are 92 peaks above 2,000 m. At the same time, you can leave stress and hectic life behind you on a leisurely hike, a bike ride along the river Mur wetlands, or a relaxation session at the spa.

Friendly, and with a great deal of heart:

Tschurl – peg

Grantscheam – moody person

Rotzfetzn – handkerchief

Aunhazn – light up

Tetschn – slap

Tscherfl – shoes

Koutzn – blanket

Pleampl - idiot

our tone