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Hiking is to the Murtal what air is to breathing. Whether on challenging mountain tours or leisurely walks, summiteers and peace-seekers will get just what they've been dreaming of.

A multi-faceted mountain kingdom stretches all around the Murtal. The Zirbitzkogel stands regally over the Murtal. Rising an impressive 2,396 m, it is the highest elevation in the Seetal and Lavantal Alps, and is a magnet for mountain tours with its spectacular views. Climb up through dense spruce forests, later supplanted by larch and Swiss stone pine.

A hiking holiday in the Murtal promises a diverse range of experiences for mountain climbers, summmiteers and budding mountain goats. Discover the treasures of nature, and feel the sense of time and your heart flutter as you reach the summit cross. The Region Murtal offers many hikes to make your heart beat.

Length in km
Duration in h
Elevation gain/loss
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Ausblick auf das Knittelfeld-Judenburger Becken | WEGES OG | © WEGES OG
Murtal medium Open
Route 12,0 km
Duration 3:45 h

Panorama round tour Kleinlobming

Josef Sandriesser | © Erlebnisregion Murtal
Murtal easy Open
Route 16,2 km
Duration 4:45 h

Erlebniswanderweg Amering

Hubertus Bildstock | WEGES OG | © WEGES OG
Murtal easy Open
Route 5,1 km
Duration 1:30 h

Forest circular trail above Reitinger in Großlobming

Blick auf Oberzeiring | Weges OG | © Weges OG
Murtal easy Open
Route 6,6 km
Duration 2:00 h


Ziel erreicht - die Türme am Tremmelberg | Weges OG | © Weges OG
Murtal easy Open
Route 9,4 km
Duration 3:30 h

Tremmelberg "Tower in the Mountains" above Vorder-Tremmel

Accessible by public transport
Morgenstimmung am Teich | Weges OG | © Weges OG
Murtal easy Open
Route 4,8 km
Duration 1:15 h

Natur-Historien-Lehrpfad in Fohnsdorf

Accessible by public transport
Das 8. Weltwunder - die Klosterbibliothek von Admont | Tourismusverband Gesäuse | © TV Gesäuse
Spital am Pyhrn medium Open
Route 126,9 km
Duration 37:30 h

On the Benedikt-Route through Styria

Accessible by public transport
Winterleitenhütte - Seetaler Alpen | Wolfgang Spekner | © TVB Steirisches Zirbenland - Urlaubsregion Murau-Murtal
Murtal medium Open
Route 7,6 km
Duration 2:30 h


Bei der Kirche Großlobming vorbei | WEGES OG | © WEGES OG
Murtal easy Open
Route 3,7 km
Duration 1:00 h

Großlobming circular path

Accessible by public transport
Graf Meran Haus | Ute Gurdet | © Hochsteiermark
Mariazell challenging Open
Route 257,5 km
Duration 90:00 h

North South Long Distance Trail 05 through Styria

Accessible by public transport
Rast nahe Obdach | Tom Lamm | © Steiermark Tourismus/Tom Lamm
Obdach medium Open
Route 17,7 km
Duration 6:30 h

Stage 15 From Glacier to Wine South Route Obdach - Salzstiegl

Accessible by public transport
Über den Eligiusweg quert man den Granitzenbach | 50plus Campingpark Fisching | © Erlebnisregion Murtal
Murtal easy Open
Route 5,0 km
Duration 1:30 h

Weißkirchen auf der Zunge

Unterwegs auf der Packalpe | Harry Schiffer | © Steiermark Tourismus/Harry Schiffer
Hirschegg-Pack medium Open
Route 19,0 km
Duration 6:00 h

Stage 16 From Glacier to Wine South Route Salzstiegl - Pack

Red Bull Ring Frühing | Anita Fössl | © datacycle-spielberg
Murtal Open
Route 16,2 km
Duration 5:45 h

Panoramic tour from the Red Bull Ring to Fohnsdorf

Gipfelkreuz Rappoldkogel | Manuela Machner | © Erlebnisregion Murtal
Südsteiermark medium Open
Route 12,1 km
Duration 4:00 h


Accessible by public transport
Bremstein, 1868 m | Weges OG | © Weges OG
Erzberg Leoben medium Open
Route 17,9 km
Duration 6:15 h

From Mautern to the Bremstein

34 Results