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Discover Austria’s most densely wooded area

The forests of the Murau region

The Murau region has the highest percentage of forest cover in the whole of Austria. That’s because the area has only few high-alpine barrens and little to no farmland. This makes Murau a true “timber region”. What’s more, Murau is the “wood capital” of Austria. Whether it’s during forest bathing, walking or hiking: Spending time in the woods is good for you – especially if it’s during a stay in the Murau region.

Forest as far as the eye can see and varied leisure activities revolving around the renewable, local raw material of wood – all in the Murau region!

The eco-region of Murau: It’s all about wood

Forest management communities can be found throughout the municipality of Murau. Forest owners from the individual districts work together to remain competitive in terms of timber marketing and trade. The raw material of wood is abundant in the area, making it a true “timber region”.

Goals of the eco-region of Murau:

  • increasing the number of regional organic farmers
  • strengthening the local forestry and natural forest cultivation
  • making the best possible use of the raw material wood
  • preserving ecologically valuable environments
  • creating GM-free zones

The Austrian timber capital of Murau

The raw material of wood has significantly shaped the development of the Murau region throughout the past centuries. With its vast woodlands, the region is a hotspot of sustainable bioenergy.

However, wood is much more than just an economic factor. It has become a part of local identity, as proven by Holzwelt Murau, an association for regional development on different levels. It addresses topics ranging from climate and environmental issues to sustainable energy, wood and innovation, culture, economy and more.

Fascinating regional projects like the following are testament to the great variety of wood:

More than 90 intriguing Holzwelt stations are only waiting to be explored by you – the perfect opportunity to visit Austria’s timber capital and the country’s most densely wooded region!

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The growing popularity of forest bathing

It only takes ten minutes in the woods to do something for your health and well-being. No wonder that forest bathing is getting more and more popular! Fortunately, Austria is one of Europe’s most densely wooded countries, with a forest cover of around 48 per cent.

Even better: The Murau region is the most densely wooded region in the whole of Austria, inviting you to find peace, strength and inspiration in its forests, to relax, unwind and feel the energy of nature.

Forest bathing in the Murau region

Other natural highlights in the Murau region

Hike through the varied mountain landscape of Murau or take a refreshing dip in the region’s crystal-clear lakes: The Murau region is full of natural highlights!