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Multifaceted leisure activities

Nature and culture in the Murau region

The Murau mountains, with their eight striking peaks posing impressively in front of the backdrop of forests and crystal-clear lakes, are a real treat for nature lovers. Culture vultures, on the other hand, enjoy visiting fascinating historical sites that are firmly anchored in the history of the region’s towns. The cultural offers are complemented by numerous traditional festivals and events where holidaymakers can experience the regional customs first hand.

Nature in the Murau region

Forests as far as the eye can see: The most densely wooded region in Styria is located in the middle of the green heart of Austria – more specifically, in the Murau region. The town of Murau is also the timber capital of Austria. In the timber region, efforts are made to promote the marketing of timber and to encourage its further development. The forests invite you to perceive them with all your senses – surrounded by peace and quiet. The best way to do this is while forest bathing. Just ten minutes in the forest are enough to benefit your health.

At Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park, you can learn how to get your body and mind back in balance while forest bathing. Events and courses on this topic are held there on a regular basis. Speaking of which: Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park is not only a wonderful place for forest bathing. All year round, sports enthusiasts enjoy the diverse range of activities you can do in the nature park region – from hiking, horseback riding and swimming to skiing, snowboarding and sledging.

Cultural assets in the Murau region

A 525-year-old beer brewing tradition, Murau Castle, St. Lambrecht’s Abbey, the ruins of Steinschloss Castle: They’re all part of the cultural heritage of the Murau region. Murau beer, in particular, has played an important role since 1495. The best way to learn about the history of this traditional brew is to take a fascinating tour of the Brewery of the Senses.

Cultural events take place all year round, bringing together older and younger generations, locals and holidaymakers alike. You can visit Operetta festivals, theatre performances, museums and exhibitions, or go on historical tours in the medieval towns of Oberwölz and Murau.

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