Eight beautiful recreational areas for nature lovers

Mountains in the Murau region

In the Murau region, you can explore several majestic mountain ranges south of the Niedere Tauern range. Mountains that resemble an artistic painting – each one of them unique. They invite mountain lovers to follow their wanderlust and celebrate countless summit victories. A total of eight mountain “personalities” call the Murau region their home and boast a vast range of options for leisure activities.


Alpine, yet green: Preber in the Styrian Krakow climatic health resort is one of the most popular ski touring mountains in the Schladminger Tauern range, but it’s also popular in summer. Its peak at an altitude of 2,740 metres is located directly on the border between Styria and Salzburg. At the foot of the mountain lies Lake Preber, which is famous for the so-called “Preberschießen” (Preber Shoot), a traditional local spectacle. In addition to a variety of summer and winter tours, the annual Preberlauf, a ski touring competition, also starts there.


Zirbitzkogel is located in the south of the Upper Murtal valley on the border with Carinthia. At 2,396 metres, it’s the highest mountain in the Lavanttal and Seetal Alps – and as such, one of the most beautiful scenic viewpoints in the Murau region. Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park has been designated as particularly worthy of protection and thus presents itself as an attractive leisure-time destination all year round. The best place to stay is the nearby village of Mühlen.


Kreischberg has made a name for itself as a winter sports resort and attracts visitors with national and international snowboard competitions. In summer, you can go hiking there – to the Kreischberg’s summit (2,002 metres) or Rosenkranzhöhe (2,118 metres). If you would like to “bypass” the initial ascent, you can simply take the cable car up the mountain. But that’s not all: Kreischberg also offers a variety of fun experiences in summer – from disc golf to monster scooters and mountain carts.

Speaking of variety: St. Georgen am Kreischberg is not only a World Cup venue but also the "most beautiful flower village" in Styria.


The landmark mountain of the idyllic municipality of St. Peter-Schöder ’s is the Greim. The striking mountain with 2,474 metres in altitude belongs to the southern Wölzer Tauern range. Both summer and winter sports enthusiasts like to come here for a tour: Hikers, for instance, set out for the summit from the Eselbergtal valley to the north or via Pöllau from the south. The standard descent for ski tourers leads through the wide, powder-snow-covered southern cirque of Greimrinne.


If you want to cross borders in the Murau region, choose Grebenzen. It lies between Styria and Carinthia at an altitude of 1,892 metres. The karstified plateau mountain at Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park (not far from the village of St. Lambrecht) is known above all for its rare karst caves. Winter sports enthusiasts like to visit Grebenzen ski resort on the north side of the mountain.


Frauenalpe is a diverse recreational area all year round and particularly popular with relaxation seekers. On Murau's landmark mountain, you can completely relax in an unspoilt natural landscape. In addition to hiking and biking routes, the eight-kilometre scenic road boasts several beautiful viewpoints and is one of the summer tips you definitely shouldn’t miss. As a natural snow mecca, Frauenalpe also attracts ski tourers and snowshoers.

Lachtaler Zinken

If you are a guest in Oberwölz-Lachtal, you will find a wide range of activities to do on Lachtaler Zinken. The gentle family mountain is a joy to visit in summer and winter – and it delights its visitors with extensive alpine slopes all the way into the Lachtal valley. Hikers can make their way along the mountain ridge or from hut to hut.

If you prefer a more leisurely experience, the Lachtal chairlift takes you to the starting point of numerous hikes from July through August. A hiking route filled with little entertaining experiences is the "Wildes Lachtal" adventure loop. The four-kilometre trail is located at an altitude of between 1,600 and 1,700 metres above sea level and connects a total of 16 adventure stations. The Oberwölz high ropes course is fun for all family members. And Lachtal family ski resort makes skiers’ and snowboarders’ hearts beat faster. Winter hikers and cross-country skiers can choose from a variety of routes at the foot of the mountain.


Right in the heart of the Turracher Höhe mountain landscape lies the Kornock. In summer, it is a popular destination for hikers and bikers. The 3-Lakes-Hike, the Almzeit loop for children, or the Kornock Flowtrail: Kids and adults alike can enjoy a variety of holiday adventures on the mountain. In winter, Stadl-Predlitz-Turrach ski resort in the Murau region attracts visitors with guaranteed snow until spring. The Nocky Flitzer Alpine rollercoaster is fun for families year-round.

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