Nature Trail Via Natura total route - Touren-Impression #1 Nature Trail Via Natura total route - Touren-Impression #1

Via Natura total route

- Learning to read in the great book of nature!

Welcome to the VIA NATURA - a long-distance hiking trail with a length of about 130km.

For thousands of years, wise people have taught us that natur is a great book from which we learn an infinite amount. But instead of reading the book of nature, we have listened to everything else and spurned the infinite intelligence of Mother Earth. The Via Natura wants to bring man closer to nature and nature closer to man again.

The tour is also considered a top tip of the region around the mountain personality "Grebenzen" and symbolizes one of the 19 leading offers on the subjects of hiking in the adventure area of Murau.

Via Natura invites all visitors to get involved in the adventure of nature, to take a closer look and thus learn what nature wants to tell us with all its colors, shapes and phenomena. Humans nature and the interaction between man and nature is an essential part of Via Natura.

The Via Natura is divided into 10 stages of different length and different levels that tell the following themes:

Stage 1: NatureLearning (Neumarkt-St. Marein)

Stage 2: Nature as a source of inspiration - bionics (St. Marein - Zeutschach)

Stage 3: The essence of water (Zeutschach - St. Lambrecht)

Stage 4: Sound in nature and architecture (St. Lambrecht - St. Blasen)

Stage 5: The biography of the earth (St. Blasen - Mariahof)

Stage 6: Human  and plants (Mariahof - Perchau)

Stage 7: Weather and climate (Perchau - Mühlen)

Stage 8: Working in harmony with nature (Mühlen - Kulm)

Stage 9: Energy fields in nature (Kulm - Dürnstein)

Stage 10: Power points in human and landscape (Dürnstein - Neumarkt)




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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
128,5 km
40:00 h
4804 hm
4804 hm
2396 m
Highest point
654 m
Lowest point

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- By car from Germany

From Munich via the A8 in the direction of Salzburg. From Salzburg on the A10 Tauern freeway to St. Michael im Lungau. Take the B96 to Tamsweg, then continue  on the B95 tp Predlitz. The B97 leads via Stadl/Mur to Murau. There in the traffic circle direction St. Lambrecht to the Murau train station and further direction St. Lambrecht. Via Laßnitz near Murau you reach St. Lambrech, which is already in the nature park. There continue in the direction of Mariahof and Neumarkt. In Mariahof turn right towards Neumarkt, the road leads directly to the main square.

- Arrival from East Austria/Hungary

At the freeway junction in St. Michael bei Leoben take the S36 towards Klagenfurt. Pass Knittelfeld and Judenburg until Scheifling. In Scheifling continue in the direction of Klagenfurt to Neumarkt, via Unzmarkt and Perchau am Sattal you reach Neumarkt.


- Arrival from sout Austria/Italy

Via Klagenfurt on the S37 past St. Veit/Glan, Treibach and Friesach. In Friesach continue in the direction of Vienna, via Dürnstein and Wildbach, to Neumarkt, In the middle of the main square you will find the starting point for the hike.

From Neumarkt we follow the signs (yellow signs - trail no. NL 1)

From Neumarkt main square we go to Mariahof, through the Neumarkt community forest to the Green Classroom, to the NaturLesePark and further to St. Marein. From there the trails leads us through the Graggerschlucht gorge to Zeutschach, on to the Zeutschach source of origin and via Maria Schönanger to the Grebenzen (1.870m). From the Grebenzen we continue to St. Lambrecht. An easy ascent leads us to St. Blasen and from here towards Dürnberger Moor/Mariahof. Via Steinschloss the trail leads us towards Perchauer Sattel and further on via Oderberger Alm to the Zirbitzkogel (2.396m). The descent is via the Tonnerhütte to Mühlen and Dürnstein. From Dürnstein the last stage leads us back towards the starting point to the main square in Neumarkt.

In cooperation with the International Volkssport Verband (IVV), permanent IVV hiking trails have been established in the Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park. The principle of these trails is that you receive the IVV starting documents at the starting points (Info Office Neumarkt and St. Lambrecht) and hike the IVV tours on the basis of a route olan and specially installed trail markings. Each individual tour is rewarded with an IVV stamp.
Parking is available at the main square, directly at the hiking start point.
The return journey is by bus, more information at or with the cab companies:

- Nature Park Bus Lercher
Tel. +43(0)3584 2015 or +43(0)650 3322 733

- Cab to the Moser Alpine Inn, Karchau, St. Blasen
Tel. +43(0)3588 280

- Tonnerhütte bus from Mühlen to Tonnerhütte
Tel. +43(0)3586 30077

- Zirbitzblitz in Neumarkt
Tel. +43(0)664 23 36 906


What the weather will be like

Mühlen (961m)

slightly cloudy
0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
very sunny
5 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
very sunny
6°C 22°C
very sunny
6°C 23°C
9°C 21°C
Naturpark-Bank | © Alpengasthof Moser - ArisMedia

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