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Südwandhütte - Guttenberghaus | Dachstein Circular Hiking Trail: Stage 03


From the Dachstein Südwandhütte via the glacier to the Guttenberghaus.

2nd stage of the 3-day tour "Dachstein Loop", 3rd stage of the 8-day-hike "Dachstein Circular trail".

The third part of the Dachstein circular hiking trail leads from the Südwandhütte, going up with the dachstein gondola, via the Sky Walk and the glacier over a long plateau to the Guttenberghaus.

ATTENTION: For using the Dachstein cable car it is absolutely necessary to make a reservation for the ascent about 1 week in advance at Otherwise it is possible that all seats in the gondola are fully booked. For the reservation guests are responsible for themselves.

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Level of difficulty
10,7 km
5:00 h
274 hm
993 hm
2669 m
Highest point
1697 m
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We start the third day of our circular hike on different paths depending on our physical condition. There are two options to choose from:

First variant:

We go down from the Südwandhütte to the Türlwandhütte and get here into the Dachstein Gletscherbahn. After a few minutes we arrive at the viewing platform of the "Sky Walk". If you haven't seen enough of the glacier here yet, you can climb the Dachstein as the crowning glory. We walk past the lift supports on the snow path towards Dirndl and pass the Dirndlkolk to the Seethalerhütte. Already here you have a beautiful view and here is also the starting point for the summit ascent. In addition to the normal route, which partly leads through the snow, there is also the via ferrata variant over the shoulder. The walking time from the cable car mountain station is 3.5 hours without a break.

Second variant:

Directly behind the Südwandhütte we climb a steep serpentine path uphill and climb the last 200 meters over the insured Huhnerscharten climbing route with the No. 615 up to the Hunerkogel directly at the edge of the glacier. This is where the large glacier area begins, interrupted by the Gjaidstein. We continue to walk north along the marked path. Note: For this variant a via ferrata equipment is necessary.


ATTENTION: For the variant with the Dachstein cable cari t is absolutely necessary to make a reservation for the ascent about 1 week in advance at Otherwise it is possible that all seats in the gondola are fully booked. For the reservation guests are responsible for themselves.


The two variants finally lead us to the same place, to the mountain station Hunerkogel. From here, depending on the length of the day, you should start early enough to reach your destination safely. We walk past the Gjaidstein, where we go down to the left of the double drag lift towards the east. We follow the coloured markings on the rocks and the snow poles. We can also use the "Taube", a Steinmandl, as an orientation point. At mark 674 the snow is often still frozen, so you should be sure-footed and careful here. You should also have sticks with you for better protection and pay attention to the weather, as there is no shelter on the high alpine hike to our destination today. At the Feiserscharte we follow path 616 and after a short, steep descent we reach the Guttenberghaus.

Important note: For the ascent with the Dachstein cable car a reservation is necessary! Make sure you book your desired time frame a few days in advance. 

Sections of this stage are part of the long-distance hiking trail "From glacier to wine".


What the weather will be like

Ramsau am Dachstein (1137m)

0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Variable cloudiness with long sunny periods and a chance of showers around noon.
8°C 21°C
9°C 21°C
-999°C 999°C
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